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Okay, fess up

Portslob 15 days ago
Which goater was this? https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2021/07/19/norfolk-horse-incident/

easyhateoven 15 days ago

easyhateoven 15 days ago
horse f*cker

theocean 15 days ago
this is really close to where i grew up man

BULLHEAD 15 days ago
Would you watch that video?

easyhateoven 15 days ago

simon_belmont 15 days ago
The way the person describes it is, uh, interesting… " pick out a horse like it's a lady lover, pull her out, and maneuver yourself in such a manner for self-gratification" I mean "had sex with a horse" would have sufficed

BULLHEAD 15 days ago
I too noticed and enjoyed that part

BULLHEAD 15 days ago
It sounds like he made sweet love to that horse

shitinyourhand 15 days ago
f*cking gross

Portslob 14 days ago
I actually read about this village in Colombia where this is a thing.. Like if a mom catches a kid jacking off they just tell them to go f*ck one of the wild horses that roam the village. Apparently there's a whole village off horse f*ckers somewhere in Colombia

shitinyourhand 14 days ago

easyhateoven 14 days ago
makes sense

Portslob 14 days ago
I'm serious. I gotta find that article but I don't feel like googling "Colombian horse f*ckers"

theocean 14 days ago
everyone has seen zoo rite?