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Ritz and Oreo are teaming up for a new snack

Godfreyjones 40 days ago
My insiders say to be on the lookout next week for a groundbreaking announcement.

carveyournamein 40 days ago
Hell yes!

carveyournamein 40 days ago
If it's not delicious I'm going to be pissed!

Ever had a Gloryo?

Godfreyjones 39 days ago
Jesus, look at this monstrosity https://www.chewboom.com/2022/05/24/ritz-crackers-and-oreo-cookies-unveil-new-ritzxoreo-treat/

Godfreyjones 39 days ago
At least they went with peanut butter and not cheese

evil_hero 39 days ago
just set an alarm for 9am thursday. i must try these. i always miss drops tho. i havent hit on one in years

Godfreyjones 39 days ago
This looks better with the chocolate cookie, but I'm 110% sure it would taste better with the golden Oreo cookie

evil_hero 39 days ago
id take either. both look bomb af

Portslob 39 days ago
Looks awesome, sweet and salty

skinsuit 39 days ago
f*cking slobs.

carveyournamein 38 days ago
Certainly a food I'd enjoy.

easyhateoven 38 days ago

PenicillinTrapdoor 38 days ago
there's no way these are bad

carveyournamein 38 days ago
I just went to the grocery and someone bought all of the Ritz crackers and all of the Oreos.