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carveyournamein 45 days ago
How come he never posts on the news comments?

Pilgrim 45 days ago
Hot takes on Spiritbox?

vagisilcreem 45 days ago
he aint got time for that fggt shit.

Portslob 45 days ago
He's in all the bands

evil_hero 45 days ago
he sucks their dicks

ShaolinLambKiller 42 days ago
I forgot there was a news section

thetowerofrome 42 days ago
No you didnt you f*cking liar

carveyournamein 42 days ago
I believe him.

AnalButt 42 days ago
I don't think SLK would lie about something like this

evil_hero 42 days ago
he would lie about sucking dicks tho

ShaolinLambKiller 41 days ago
Slk doesn't care enough to lie

VodkaVeins 41 days ago
Portslob 3 days ago He's in all the bands lol

theocean 41 days ago
have you heard the new regurgitated diarrhea 7"? it sounds like shit

ShaolinLambKiller 36 days ago

B__DAWG 36 days ago
hey i liked that Acasual Intrusion band you did, bud. i was listening to it