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Straight edge goats

_steelpanda_ 39 days ago
Or non label goats who do not partake in booze and candy. Used to clown on f*ckers who didn't party. Who got the last laugh now. I'm blasting through insulin and just feel like shit lately. I think I'm exhausted? On top of past lifestyle and stress, anxiety etc. What made y'all decide to hang it up or not get started? I only know one person who has never touched anything and I believe him. Guitar teacher i studied under. His dad, like mine was an insane vicious alcoholic etc. He said he made a conscious decision around 11 or 12 to not drink. I on the other hand got properly drunk at 12 and didn't puke, and chased that shit until 2011. I'm not drinking btw. Anyways, more power to the ones that didn't get chewed up in this shit. My insulin pumped literally just beeped to let me know my blood sugar is increasing. I'm f*cking sitting on my couch lol.

Barbara 39 days ago
There's a couple of us who are dry but I don't think we have any true SXE goaters

evil_hero 39 days ago
i am pure weed vapor. having ascended to a molecular level of stoned that learned scientists previously thought unattainable by mortal men

iwilladapt 39 days ago
I was sxe until 30 I drink, rather frequently, now. But never did partake in any recreational drug use and don't plan to.

rick_tocchet 39 days ago
I pretty much have quit weed. I dont like the effects anymore. They seem fake, artificial and lab induced to me. The weed is not the same as it was 10 years ago. So all I do is drink on friday and saturday maybe.

Gabaghoulio 39 days ago
I've experimented with my fair share of substances, though I prefer my THC the most. Aside from that, I take prefer my trips 3/4 times a year and I ketamine, but until they become legal out where I live now, I will not partake. I like what little freedoms I have. I no longer combust anything I smoke, been cigarette free since 2012 and I prefer vaping THC to smoking it. I was diagnosed with famial hematomacrosis (hereditary iron a year back, so

Gabaghoulio 39 days ago
Stroke arm...sorry .. Iron overload. No drinking for me anymore. I liked drinking some beer every now and then, but not really a drinker.

ej 39 days ago
Probably at my all time worst for drinking lol!!!

Portslob 39 days ago
Lol @ not drinking and doing drugs

theocean 39 days ago
i still drink and smoke regularly but a much smaller amount then i used to i used to do opiates on regular basis and made a conscious decision to stop those 5ish years ago i still miss them sometimes

easyhateoven 39 days ago
I get pretty loose on the weekends, but lay low during the week

lurkcity 39 days ago
Drinking is by far the worse because it leads to most of your bad decisions anyway… And also you end up like Wade and xander being f*cking drunk on the message board like 2-4 times a month. I feel bad for them having to wake up not only hungover but then they have to come back here and see how lame they got on their benders.

lurkcity 39 days ago
Not saying your as in you, just in general. The collective your.

Barbara 39 days ago
Oh no drunk online 2-4 times a month.

easyhateoven 39 days ago
I was drunk posting yesterday lol