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Are there any decent

Gabaghoulio 41 days ago
New death metal bands? I haven't gone out of my way to search for one since Bolt Thrower broke up and (my thoughts) became stagnant. I tried Blood Incantation, they bored me. I tried Beyond Creation, they were ehh. Rude was alright, but I wanted more. Every band is trying to our brutal the one who came out before. Black metal is stagnant too. It's lacking in originality. Especially, DSBM stuff. It's becoming that way with doom and stoner now. Maybe 2022 is just...slow/boring. I feel like I am becoming a sad, old bastard, listening to shit they would play in the early 90s at a roller skating rink, while I quietly sulking in the corner because mommy and daddy wouldn't teach me how to roller skate. *puts some D batteries in boombox and Return of the Mack and CooleyHighHarmonys out of here*

dayman 41 days ago
stop posting

Portslob 41 days ago
The new corpsegrinder album is great

Barbara 41 days ago
Tons. Find it yourself and f*ck off.

Barbara 41 days ago
you're deaf and already had a stroke. maybe pursue a hobby outside of sitting around and listening to tunes

butlerianjihad 41 days ago
Archspire is pretty fun

Gabaghoulio 41 days ago
Barbara 13 seconds ago Tons. Find it yourself and f*ck off. Too lazy to do both. Choose one or the other?

VodkaVeins 41 days ago
Jesus f*ckin' christ, barb.

Barbara 41 days ago
I only listen to Frog Mallet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZDDFM8ag9I

_d0thack_ 41 days ago
butlerianjihad 44 seconds ago Archspire is pretty fun

Gabaghoulio 41 days ago
Barbara 37 seconds ago I only listen to Frog Mallet Holy shit, the new Shark Punch?

ej 41 days ago

Gabaghoulio 41 days ago
I haven't been going out of my way to look for death/black metal. Only doom/stoner/psych/heavy metal. I beat Riding Easy into the ground, on top of everything they release. I get Doom Charts emails constantly. I keep up to date with the doom bands releases on the torrent site I use for this shit. So, I'm not that out of the loop for the shit I'm interested in. Archspire is cool. Haven't heard anything like that in awhile.

easyhateoven 41 days ago
i like the new misery index. 200 stab wounds is pretty good too. creeping death, gatecreeper... check those out

Gabaghoulio 41 days ago
easyhateoven 11 seconds ago i like the new misery index. I didn't care for them since Discordia(?). Too many chord transition squeaks/squeals. Got in my nerves and made me hate the album. I'm willing to give it a shot. I find myself going back and listening to MI and Sparky/Netherton era Dying Fetus.