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The summer of simon!

simon_belmont 40 days ago
Maybe next year

Barbara 40 days ago
rootin 4 u

theocean 40 days ago
do people wear shirts in connecticut ?

simon_belmont 40 days ago
I don't think anyone has ever worn a shirt in CT

easyhateoven 40 days ago
right on

dayman 40 days ago
youre so depressing dude just shut up

its not even summer yet tho!

simon_belmont 40 days ago
dayman 17 minutes ago youre so depressing dude just shut up Jesus Christ you're a f*cking idiot

evil_hero 40 days ago
you are onesoviles stroke arm

Portslob 40 days ago
I have some advice. 1. Wear clothes without bands on them(yes that includes hats). 1a. Clothes you do wear must be clean and not Ill-fitting 2. Get your haircut 3. Get in respectable shape 4. Don't talk to girls about bands Follow those 4 simple rules and you will get laid

easyhateoven 40 days ago
I'll tell you, they had a pastry cart that you wouldn't believe.

theocean 40 days ago
what do you think chet hanks is doing right now?

thetowerofrome 40 days ago
What does this mean? Can I buy a shirt? Can I mosh?

ej 40 days ago
don't slip on any invitations

VodkaVeins 40 days ago
*bee buzzes around Simon*