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Jerking off in your car in an industrial parkway

God 43 days ago
Some videos I've seen on the internet indicate this is a good way to meet singles in your area

There's always help but I wonder how long it takes them to find a place to wash their hands.

_steelpanda_ 42 days ago
So I used to deliver newspapers. First "sober" job. Wayyyyy out in the sticks. One night urge hit. Cut car off. Flogged it, continued route.

dog_boner 42 days ago
One of my buddies was a trash truck driver. One day he and his work partner decided to make a Craigslist NSA post, and a fat disgusting sload replied. He told her to meet him at the dump. When he arrived, she was already there waiting. The back of her car was filled to the headrests with fast food trash. She sucked both of them off (separately). That dude had no f*cking shame

evil_hero 42 days ago
lol. hell yea dog boner you should have gotten down on that

dog_boner 42 days ago
He's something else. I had quite a few opportunities to spitroast a chick with him, but it's not my thing. One time he was like, "Hey man, I don't like my gf anymore, I'm gonna invite her over but I won't be here, so you go ahead and bang her." And I'm like uhhhh….I highly doubt she's gonna be down for that, man. 2 weeks later I was digging it out though.

carveyournamein 42 days ago

rick_tocchet 42 days ago
Theres a guy i have been listening to on the internet. He does podcasts about enlightenment. Anyway he said he was driving on the highway one day and started playing with his cock a few years back. There were trucks on the highway obviously and as he was passing a dump truck one of the tires on the dump truck exploded and he pretty much lost his shit. He didnt crash but it scared the living shit out of him because it was so f*cking loud. So he said it was the Universe telling him not to jerk off while driving. Lol.

evil_hero 42 days ago


VodkaVeins 42 days ago
I thought this was going to be a new Backstabbers Inc. song title...

shitinyourhand 42 days ago
Not as skilled as Crankin' it on the highway while driving.

shitinyourhand 42 days ago
oh.. didn't read just posted