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The new Kids In The Hall

simon_belmont 46 days ago
Anyone watched yet? I don't have prime anymore but I want to see this

Portslob 46 days ago
It's going to be bad

carveyournamein 46 days ago
No. I don't give Amazon my money.

Portslob 46 days ago
I mean, these guys have had the same job for 30 years .. Dave foley had some success, other than that the curly haired guy was denim vest in Seinfeld

f*ck i just got an autocharge for amazon prime yesterday i guess i gotta watch this

butlerianjihad 46 days ago
Not yet but I have hope!!

Do they rape kevin?

Pilgrim 46 days ago
Ya I have hope too. Also mark McKinney has been in a million things

foulmouth 45 days ago
I enjoyed the shit out of this

It's great

boredtodeath 45 days ago

Barbara 45 days ago
new kids on the block had a bunch of hits.... chinese food makes me sick

B__DAWG 41 days ago
bet it'll suck

simon_belmont 35 days ago
I'm watching the first episode. This is pretty good so far.

Pilgrim 35 days ago
I enjoyed it a lot. Also the new documentary is good too