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Metallica - Load

simon_belmont 50 days ago
In retrospect, it's actually pretty good

_d0thack_ 50 days ago
I pretty much enjoy all Metallica excluding St Anger. Some albums are bangers from top to bottom while others have a few songs here and there.

simon_belmont 50 days ago
Nevermind, I don't like it anymore

rick_tocchet 50 days ago
Only reason to listen to it is for nostalgia for the time it was released.

carveyournamein 50 days ago
Gimme fuel gimme fire

simon_belmont 50 days ago
Wrong one, carve

Barbara 50 days ago
That was unrelated to Metallica. He has a beef to settle with Arbys

Portslob 50 days ago
Honestly, the only track I don't like on load is the opening track "you ain't my bitch"

easyhateoven 50 days ago
Concept album about a full diaper

lurkcity 50 days ago
i posted this last year and was dragged.

lurkcity 50 days ago
it was 82 weeks ago actually.

VodkaVeins 50 days ago
Ol' LurkTrindy not gettin' the respek he deserves

simon_belmont 50 days ago
You probably claimed it was the best album of the decade or something, though

easyhateoven 50 days ago
I don't remember lurk's thread so let's make this the official one

That Hero of the Day song moves me.