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Saw doctor strange today

Portslob 90 days ago
It's a weird one. Sam Raimi directed, great Bruce Campbell cameo

iwilladapt 90 days ago
zero interest in seeing this

Godfreyjones 89 days ago
I liked it. Needed to be weirder though.

easyhateoven 89 days ago
doctor gay

butlerianjihad 89 days ago
Dr. Weird >

dayman 89 days ago
I liked it

ej 89 days ago
i think wanda was acting a little out of pocket

butlerianjihad 89 days ago

evil_hero 42 days ago
stupid ass movie i want my time back

Portslob 42 days ago

Portslob 42 days ago
You should see top gun

theocean 42 days ago
Portslob 1 minute ago You should see top gun

evil_hero 42 days ago
little kid with powers they cant control. stupid rachel mcadams. stupid scarlet witch. stupid. bad actress zombie dr strange. stupid sam raimi still dope. it was a well done movie in that respect. just a lot of stupid ideas and marvel bullshit

Portslob 42 days ago
Did you watch wandavision? That shit was badass and kind of a precursor to this

Portslob 42 days ago
Rachel mcadams is stupid though. She's in every single movie ever made. I'm sick of her