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10 dead in Buffalo supermarket shooting

Inkongudunk 5/14/2022 2:22:17 PM
Had a rifle and body armor Will not be identified (cuz he is black?)

Inkongudunk 5/14/2022 2:23:01 PM
Jk, he had a rifle. Only white dudes do that

kort 5/14/2022 2:23:46 PM
not a great time for jokes boi

Inkongudunk 5/14/2022 2:24:16 PM
Every person you know wishes you were dead.

carveyournamein 5/14/2022 2:24:25 PM
They said they caught him, yet kort is still posting.

vagisilcreem 5/14/2022 2:31:00 PM
Its Keith Buckley

Portslob 5/14/2022 2:32:23 PM

kort 5/14/2022 2:32:43 PM
Inkongudunk 7 minutes ago Every person you know wishes you were dead. oh reaaaaallllllyyy

God 5/14/2022 2:34:20 PM
Not true. Most people don't care about you enough to wish you dead

carveyournamein 5/14/2022 2:35:33 PM
I don't wish him dead, but I do wish he'd go back to prison.

God 5/14/2022 2:36:58 PM
Most people don't wish him dead but do realize it'd be for the best

Inkongudunk 5/14/2022 2:39:22 PM
Yeah, it's not malicious or anything. Just better

kort 5/14/2022 2:41:38 PM
wow bois this is mean

carveyournamein 5/14/2022 2:42:41 PM
At least in prison you're only a burden on the taxpayers instead of being a burden on your elderly parents, too. Let them enjoy their social security and go spend some more time behind bars.

God 5/14/2022 2:44:26 PM
Maybe when seth spackled your girls c*nt shut it was a sign: become a painter?