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Booked first show

_steelpanda_ 5/8/2022 6:02:30 AM
July 22nd, SteelPanda. Opening for Kill lol.

carveyournamein 5/8/2022 6:10:26 AM
You doing acoustic?

_d0thack_ 5/8/2022 6:14:53 AM
Right on bro.

_steelpanda_ 5/8/2022 6:37:59 AM
Metal band Got to locate corpse paint and some knight armor and paint that shit black.

evil_hero 5/8/2022 6:38:27 AM
hell yea panda

ej 7/1/2022 11:24:56 AM
was looking for a different thread. how'd this go?

theocean 7/1/2022 11:25:26 AM
f*ck YEAH MAN! i hope there is a video

B__DAWG 7/1/2022 11:25:47 AM
you don't know how dates work

ej 7/1/2022 11:26:16 AM
let me rephrase.... is this still happening

evil_hero 7/1/2022 11:39:54 AM
lol bullhead

dayman 7/1/2022 11:54:46 AM
im there

_steelpanda_ 7/1/2022 12:05:20 PM
21 days hopefully Having a drummer issue. I'll do it solo if need be, just get a backing standard 240bpm black metal double bass drum track and I'm good to goooooo. Think I'm going to do a photo shoot next week hopefully in full make up etc. got two songs ready to go. it's about 12 minutes total lol

lurkcity 7/1/2022 12:08:28 PM
canceling your first show at age 40.

ej 7/1/2022 12:09:48 PM
oop, there's a stupid

ej 7/1/2022 12:11:12 PM
i have a show next weekend and for some reason they want us to play an hour and a half. i don't think we've ever played over 50 so this will be fun.