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Booked first show

_steelpanda_ 98 days ago
July 22nd, SteelPanda. Opening for Kill lol.

carveyournamein 98 days ago
You doing acoustic?

_d0thack_ 98 days ago
Right on bro.

_steelpanda_ 98 days ago
Metal band Got to locate corpse paint and some knight armor and paint that shit black.

evil_hero 98 days ago
hell yea panda

ej 44 days ago
was looking for a different thread. how'd this go?

theocean 44 days ago
f*ck YEAH MAN! i hope there is a video

B__DAWG 44 days ago
you don't know how dates work

ej 44 days ago
let me rephrase.... is this still happening

evil_hero 44 days ago
lol bullhead

dayman 44 days ago
im there

_steelpanda_ 44 days ago
21 days hopefully Having a drummer issue. I'll do it solo if need be, just get a backing standard 240bpm black metal double bass drum track and I'm good to goooooo. Think I'm going to do a photo shoot next week hopefully in full make up etc. got two songs ready to go. it's about 12 minutes total lol

lurkcity 44 days ago
canceling your first show at age 40.

ej 44 days ago
oop, there's a stupid

ej 44 days ago
i have a show next weekend and for some reason they want us to play an hour and a half. i don't think we've ever played over 50 so this will be fun.