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Added this to the collection today

lurkcity 318 days ago
I am happy https://imgur.com/a/wNIlgZk

AnalButt 318 days ago
Stop Posting

Barbara 318 days ago
Cool pic of lurk 'babysitting' https://ibb.co/27FMG8r

willy_wanker 318 days ago
records are supposed to be played, not displayed

Portslob 318 days ago
That's cool. I never really liked that band, but they got a special place in my heart.

bangbangman 318 days ago
That is a cool band

ShaolinLambKiller 317 days ago
Another 5lbs to your overburdened frame? Good job gay. f*ck you

easyhateoven 317 days ago

skinsuit 317 days ago
That's great.

easyhateoven 317 days ago
i like them, but wouldnt spend money on a ptw vinyl

ShaolinLambKiller 317 days ago
Lol on ptw

carveyournamein 103 days ago