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Is there a direct link to the message board?

Portslob 318 days ago
I really don't want to look at that the bunny the bear picture anymore

simon_belmont 318 days ago
Really? I think even bullethead could figure this out

Portslob 318 days ago
Enlighten me then you derelict

BULLHEAD 318 days ago
who the hells bullethead?

simon_belmont 318 days ago
He was just some joker on the old board

BULLHEAD 318 days ago
mine just goes right to the forum. i don't know how i did it

easyhateoven 318 days ago
Lol my dad loves that word, derelict

Pilgrim 318 days ago
My award winning comment got deleted from that The Bunny The Bear news section. This is animalshit

webmaster 318 days ago
yes, go to Google and type in "lambgoat message board"

BULLHEAD 318 days ago
what the hell is the bunny and the bear?

Portslob 318 days ago
f*ck that

_d0thack_ 318 days ago
https://lambgoat.com/forum/ Bookmark it.

ShaolinLambKiller 318 days ago
Corpse the soon to be dead pic

carveyournamein 103 days ago