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will smith bitch slapping chris rock

Zordon 91 days ago
LMAO https://youtu.be/oCBjyERLjG4

VodkaVeins 91 days ago
Will Smith dont gotta cuss in his raps to sell records...

rick_tocchet 91 days ago

butlerianjihad 91 days ago
Holy shit

Zordon 91 days ago
how famous you gotta be to walk on stage during the oscars, slap the shit out of the host, and then just sit back down and the show continues lol

vagisilcreem 91 days ago
here's the uncensored version https://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1508270716063469576

butlerianjihad 91 days ago
I would be f*cking pissed too if I had to sit through Amy Schumer monologs

Godfreyjones 91 days ago
Will Smith looking like a little bitch and slapping a man on tv cause he made fun of the hair of the woman who cucks him

butlerianjihad 91 days ago
But she's come out with her struggles with Alopecia which causes hair loss THINK ABOUT HER STRUGGLES YOU BAD MAN

butlerianjihad 91 days ago
Also f*cking lol at "monologs" autocorrect demands specified logs, no king kong curlers allowed

butlerianjihad 91 days ago
Or perhaps it is all one log...the ultimate king kobra coiler

jimbo 91 days ago
lol @ monologs

evil_hero 91 days ago
when rick meets barbara

Pilgrim 91 days ago
Chris Rock took it like a champ and continued to make jokes. He probably got paid a million dollars. I'd get slapped too for a million bux

jimbo 91 days ago
you all dumbasses know this was staged, right?