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My older brother has gone missing.

unvisitedgrave 319 days ago
He's a life long drug addict. They found his car abandoned at a rural apartment complex and everyone there claims to have never seen him. Going to guess he OD'd and they dumped his body somewhere. Not sure how to feel about it. Dude has done nothing but cause us grief for 41 years. We'll see.

AnalButt 319 days ago

simon_belmont 319 days ago
Sad. Even if you didn't have much of a relationship with him. Still sad.

webmaster 319 days ago
sorry to hear that

skinsuit 319 days ago
Hope it turns out alright.

vagisilcreem 319 days ago
That's sad. Hopefully he's alive and can get the help he needs.

unvisitedgrave 319 days ago
It's entirely possible that he's just drugged out somewhere and lost his phone or something. Or sold/traded it for stuff. But usually he calls Mom asking for money when car trouble, paying rent or grocery shopping happens. It's been two days.

easyhateoven 319 days ago
Sorry dude. Hang in there. Hope he shows up!

unvisitedgrave 319 days ago
There's no help there. His mind is just gone. Dude can't string together a coherent thought anymore. Will put any drug anyone hands him in his body. Has zero empathy for anyone else. Plays the constant victim. Beats women. Super racist. Has a weird superiority complex and a fragile ego. I can't think of a single happy memory involving him. When I told him I was queer he just said, "So you're a f a g g o t?"

easyhateoven 319 days ago

Barbara 319 days ago
Hard thing to process when they suck but they're also family. Hope it turns out okay for you

Tater_Turtle 319 days ago
Yo, my dawg, I feel your pain. One time I lost something precious to me. It was my will to not jog my 5k each week. I thought, #whatsthislifefor and I was mad pressed for a while. But then, I got some #hope in the form of an iPhone watch #notsponsored #yet! And it could monitor my steps and heart rate and post it live on my Twitter! It was so #epic! So basically, I know how you feel, my guy! #getthosereps

Barbara 319 days ago
f*cking turtle lol

_d0thack_ 319 days ago
Sorry to hear about this man. We're all here for you. Try to take it easy.

unvisitedgrave 319 days ago
Update: Found He was spotted walking along Route 8 in Garrison, KY. Cops picked him up and he was delirious and dehydrated. They've got him in holding but not sure what for yet. Christ.