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Jared Leto

Kvin 96 days ago
Dude looks like a cross between a rapist, serial killer, and one of those Hollywood elite lizard people. Also, 95% of his movies are shit and 30 seconds from mars sucks.

thetowerofrome 96 days ago
You tell em kvin

lurkcity 96 days ago
Fight club is garbage?

simon_belmont 96 days ago
The ladies like him

BULLHEAD 96 days ago
Ladies love cool Jared

evil_hero 96 days ago
that barren pasture empty and salted right here the dead space between the stars

AnalButt 96 days ago
*leaves half-eaten Subway sandwich on the couch*

dayman 96 days ago
hes a very feminine man

rick_tocchet 96 days ago
Did you ses him in House Of Gucci? You wouldnt even know it was him. Movie was sub par though

BABAR 96 days ago
i heard he posts here as bangbangman