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easyhateoven 3/16/2022 6:38:39 AM
Jennifer wrestled her friend playfully to the ground Infront of the snow cone stand and began licking at the Girls eyeballs, as if they were sugar cubes. Their Bodies convulsed and flailed with an almost seizure Like intensity. At times their pale limbs seeming to Shift back and forth from one torso to the other. A Crowd gathered almost immediately to watch these two Girls tie and untie their bodies like a pair of Pit-vipers. They were confused, or concerned, or Shocked, or aroused, or all of the above. But no-one Dared interfere with the performance. Jennifer's long Ashen hair hung down concealing the girls face like a Curtain around a hospital bed. No one had any idea That the girls eyes were revolving under her ruby Tongue. "This is disgusting, it's pornography" Exclaimed a pasty slut white woman in a fur coat, Vanilla ice-cream smeared across her double chin like A money shot. Counting a balding professor type in his Mid-forties, his left hand stuffed crassly down the Front of his pants "No, no, no. This is beautiful, This is art."

theocean 3/16/2022 6:40:40 AM
Dear everything. Today I witnessed a crucifixion in pink and lavender and gold. I've heard people say that beauty is in details, But I don't think they have ever seen you. There were mortal wounds inflicted on the sky And incrminating blue stains on my shirt. The shirt you bought for me. Christ it hurts. Like stars in my belly going supernova. I feel like a zombie that refuses to live. Haunting the junkyards and cutting myself on scraps of you. The other day I masturbated to pictures of you at your birthday party. They were the only ones I still had. It felt so wrong, just like my life. I hope I'm dead by the time you read this. I love you.

skinsuit 3/16/2022 10:54:13 AM

easyhateoven 3/16/2022 11:28:33 AM
damn right

_steelpanda_ 3/16/2022 11:44:41 AM
Yeah this needs to be a daily thing please.

dayman 3/16/2022 11:46:56 AM

easyhateoven 3/16/2022 11:50:26 AM
Everyone quickly hushed up and took a step back as Jennifer rose and stood over the girl, examining her handiwork. Her partner laid motionless beneath her, seemingly dead. Her eye sockets dry and empty, her heels and elbows scraped and bloodied. Some on-lookers gasped in horror, some swooned and fainted melodramatically, most just stared in disbelief. Jennifer reached down between her thighs and pulled the crotch of her bathing suit to the side - exposing her vagina. The other girl slowly sat up and began sliding her fingers into Jennifer. A few minutes later, her wrists were in, then her elbows. Eventually she would completely disappear into her womb. Jennifer tilted her head to the side curiously. She heard the sound of a rickety-wooden roller-coaster in the distance, its passengers screaming in mock terror. She knew that, sooner or later, they would realize that the ride wasn't stopping and they were all going to die

_steelpanda_ 3/16/2022 2:16:30 PM
Hahahahahaha god damn easy, y'all some true wordsmiths. I got to go reup, then I'm going to come back later and add on to yours easy. The spectral womb.

vagisilcreem 3/16/2022 2:31:24 PM
Panda doesn't get it

_steelpanda_ 3/16/2022 2:34:37 PM
Not at all This not something y'all made up?

carveyournamein 3/16/2022 3:41:06 PM
This is from Pig Destroyer lmfao

carveyournamein 3/16/2022 3:41:28 PM
But please do feel free to add to it.

theocean 3/16/2022 3:46:23 PM
The girl in the Slayer jacket Gave me my first kiss When I was in the seventh grade She used to smoke Weed with my older sister In the woods behind the arcade The girl in the Slayer jacket She had thick skin But if you cut her The wound The wound would bleed forever She would bleed forever She She would bleed forever The girl in the Slayer Jacket hung herself From an overpass Down in McLean Where the old trees loom (Her parents tried to sue Slayer they blamed her) Her parents Tried to sue Slayer They blamed her boyfriend and PCP But the truth is her eyes Had been dead since she was five She just hadn't disposed of her body

AnalButt 3/16/2022 3:56:21 PM
Ed Money used to post the cp of this song played in to a speech-to-text program and it was lol

_steelpanda_ 3/16/2022 4:35:00 PM
Hahahahahaha that's amazing Never gave them a try, a glance. I'll check them out tonight. Any suggestions where to start first? Also, is nails worth a listen? I like no zodiac, but this dude at a bayside show in Nashville of all places was in line with a f*cking sick nails back patch. But his attitude about them was eww. Is that the fan base? Hard pass if yes