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NFL Free Agency starts today at 12

Kvin 150 days ago
My ESPN insider tells me the Jets are signing everyone and will go 17-0 this season, with a super bowl guaranteed.

ej 150 days ago
big day. my rocks get so off on free agency and trade deadlines and tom brady unretiring

ej 150 days ago
good afternoon sportsgoaters, i will be updating you on the bigger moves today. -james connor extended with cards but they lose chase edmonds to the dolphins -amari pooper to the browns (yesterday). they released jarvis landry as well. -buccs lose one guard to retirement and the other to the bengals who desperately needed line help. *sad brady noises*

ej 150 days ago
-nvp winner mitchell trubisky to the steelers. the former 2nd overall pick will take over for ben the raper

evil_hero 150 days ago