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Official Lambgoat Drunk Posting Day 03/12/22

Inkongudunk 3/11/2022 6:42:07 PM
This Saturday is the first. Being your A Game fellas.

evil_hero 3/11/2022 6:48:21 PM
lmfao. word

vagisilcreem 3/11/2022 7:01:35 PM
ill be there. or here. whatever.

jimbo 3/11/2022 7:02:06 PM
im startin early les go

Barbara 3/11/2022 7:07:10 PM
I'm the DD. Everyone put your keys in my Monsters Inc Fanny pack

evil_hero 3/11/2022 7:09:48 PM
all these fun names for your truck!!!

jimbo 3/11/2022 7:20:42 PM
if barb finna pull up in a monsters Inc shrimp truck, I'll be black for 5 minutes and run around

unvisitedgrave 3/11/2022 7:32:13 PM
I'm drunk.

evil_hero 3/11/2022 7:45:50 PM
lol jimbo

Portslob 3/11/2022 8:13:32 PM
I've had 3 beers and 2 Manhattans so far. Watching ancient aliens #shaka

unvisitedgrave 3/11/2022 8:41:36 PM
I'm not sure how many whiskeys I've had. I hit the weed pen twice. I'm shook. On season 6, episode 4 of Dawson's Creek. Pacey has a goatee and Jack might be f*ckin his straight professor. Damn.

Pilgrim 3/11/2022 9:39:40 PM
"Amber is the colour of my energy" today The ne next few days amber is is going to be the colour of my urine

Barbara 3/11/2022 10:30:14 PM

AnalButt 3/11/2022 10:33:36 PM
Found the Canadian

rick_tocchet 3/11/2022 11:44:54 PM
You all are a bunch of poser ass pussy motherf*ckers. Go windmill to your moms room and tell her you want chocoloate chip pancakes in the morning.