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Wednesday goaters

carveyournamein 76 days ago
What's good in your neighborhood?

carveyournamein 76 days ago

ShaolinLambKiller 76 days ago
Nothing. 👎

Pilgrim 76 days ago
Smoked 2 packs yesterday. My throat feels like a raw radish. Vollleyball later.

russianguy 76 days ago
my neighborhood has army tank and corner stores. typical cold days.

ShaolinLambKiller 76 days ago
No you don't shit gimmick

xander_crews_horse 76 days ago
real Russian neighborhoods have cool ass shit in them like fightin drunks and huggin bears

_d0thack_ 76 days ago
Ay yo.

Portslob 76 days ago
My dog took a big fat shit in the park this morning 💩🚽

carveyournamein 48 days ago