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thursday plsylist

easyhateoven 147 days ago
buried alive terror figure four overcome until the end (old) throwdown

ShaolinLambKiller 147 days ago
Ugh, shit

easyhateoven 147 days ago
damn right. *moshes*

dog_boner 147 days ago
Year of no light - consolamentum Organectomy - existential disconnect Innumerable forms - punishment in flesh Teeth - curse of entropy

russianguy 147 days ago
Favorites Russian band. Gorky Park! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrSKG3TS0uE

xander_crews_horse 147 days ago
not gonna lie, been writing and listening to so much heavy stuff im listening to Seo Linn today and being a fairy sprinkled in the finest pixie dust

ShaolinLambKiller 147 days ago
Mortuary Drape this morning.

easyhateoven 147 days ago
just threw on some turmoil