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a tale of two morons

webmaster 3/7/2022 7:47:52 AM
xander and skinsuit regularly submit abuse reports about one another. Yesterday, they submitted these two within the same five-minute span (I wasn't even home until last night... not sitting around all day waiting for your message board complaints to come in, lol). -------------------- skinsuit redacted@email.com You need to do something about Xander, otherwise you condone his shit. I'm tired of this. XANDER CREWS redacted@email.net I'm going to post your address and phone number if you don't f*cking delete this [skinsuit thread]. and i'm going to post his posts on LG facebook and twitter -------------------- You two both need f*cking serious help, and the fact that you're so much alike but can't see it is endlessly amusing.

BULLHEAD 3/7/2022 7:49:54 AM
they're good dudes

BULLHEAD 3/7/2022 7:50:20 AM
you gotta be a pretty big bitch to go whining to webmaster though

theocean 3/7/2022 7:50:30 AM

ej 3/7/2022 7:51:13 AM

shitinyourhand 3/7/2022 7:51:39 AM
haha.. i don't know either of them. but that is funny

BULLHEAD 3/7/2022 7:52:41 AM
xanders funnier than trind

BULLHEAD 3/7/2022 7:52:51 AM
trinds almost never intentionally funny

RAGINGFUCKMAN 3/7/2022 7:53:30 AM
Webmaster condones pedophilia and racism and censors handsome, intelligent, angry men because webmaster is a cowardly egg!

RAGINGFUCKMAN 3/7/2022 7:54:36 AM
Im gonna give trind your home address webmaster, then we'll see who's laughing and who is holed up in a panic room while an enraged dehydrated Skeksis threatens horrible things. Also you literally let someone who has threatened to molest kids, two times, stay on your site and compare him to me. I should f*cking beat your ass

RAGINGFUCKMAN 3/7/2022 7:54:47 AM
Like, really, I can, and I should.

RAGINGFUCKMAN 3/7/2022 7:55:44 AM
You f*cking piece of shit, comparing me to that f*cking pedophile, racist, homophobe, because you're too lazy to do your job and get mad about e-mails? Hey, remember the one I sent you where I told you I f*cked your wife and you raised 2 of my kids. Thanks for raising my kids, you lazy, ginger f*cking bitch

RAGINGFUCKMAN 3/7/2022 7:55:56 AM
Johanna Licht birthed two of my children.

shitinyourhand 3/7/2022 7:56:34 AM
yeesh.. people take this thing seriously still? I remember once I had an argument with Areaman. That was 14 years ago

RAGINGFUCKMAN 3/7/2022 7:56:41 AM
webmasters wife gave me a handjob in the back alley of the Polish Club