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Are you cool enough to own one of these

Godfreyjones 279 days ago
And not have your friends or significant other make fun of you??? https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/D9513938-F168-47B2-8653-C9057B827D48?ingress=3&fbclid=IwAR116KYtUjzQX_afvjxzX-eDOoIaPAXbgcnqEvPoB2I4RkUAIzGvpj7cRR0_aem_Aa9vRqfAOO1cmUw9Uwy5cq2TQkwpAzLilXKUgJKOJhobXXaoRncp-sxAuRmnkQ8Lrfy6cn8f132rHzGrlxAvXz8rUhQLBBz9eyvazfo03GiZKRH7r6WRR-f63iqUQDMGolo

theocean 279 days ago
still trying to figure out if im cool enough to own this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0788XWJY6?ref=em_1p_1_ti&ref_=pe_3730140_625896970

iwilladapt 279 days ago

Godfreyjones 279 days ago
These two are sooooooo cool https://youtu.be/-Br-umic_5g

VodkaVeins 279 days ago
LOL...that chick suuuuuuucks

dayman 279 days ago
perfect for space jazz

butlerianjihad 279 days ago
I'll never be cool enough to have sax

Godfreyjones 279 days ago

easyhateoven 279 days ago
short answer, no