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At The Drive-In - Relationship Of Command

simon_belmont 279 days ago
Currently spinning

carveyournamein 279 days ago
It's not that good. But it's pretty good.

_steelpanda_ 279 days ago
I love everything by them. They remind of me 9th grade geometry. I used to cut it 7th period and would take long walk home from school and listened to album on repeat after seeing that black and white video, dancing on corpses ashes song.

BULLHEAD 279 days ago
Not so much into it

theocean 279 days ago
not really interested in listening to them now but i wish i got to see them live back then man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBUtkPrANRs

simon_belmont 279 days ago
I hate to say it but this is just making me want to listen to the first Sparta album instead.

evil_hero 279 days ago
that sparta record is good

simon_belmont 279 days ago
Although I just got to Quarantined and Cosmonaut and those songs are pretty awesome

_d0thack_ 279 days ago
10/10 album.

VodkaVeins 279 days ago
carveyournamein 38 minutes ago It's not that good. But it's pretty good. It's very good.

_steelpanda_ 279 days ago
I went Jim ward route, that first Mars Volta ep is awesome, the one with flea on. But I don't bang heroin so I don't get the other ones, but I got about an hour drive to go see ms.panda today and now all I want to do is listen to at the drive in and Sparta today

BULLHEAD 279 days ago
I love Mae's Vokta now. Took me a while

BULLHEAD 279 days ago
Mars Volta, although my name is better

how tf did that typo happen lmao you been babblin at the smartphone lately?

also, i like ATDI through various eras; relationship of command and the few things right before it were their most mature stuff. remember the one where he was like U WRAP CORD ROUND UR NECK U SO BEAUWFTIFUL WEN U DED? i mean, i liked that song, but lol