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[OFFICIAL] Post in this thread every time you eat a hot dog

lurkcity 60 days ago
just got back from the cannibal corpse show... i am having two hot dogs. tried out a pack of hoffman natural casing german brand hotdogs. they are pretty good.

Portslob 46 days ago
I had one on Tuesday night. Forgot to add

ej 46 days ago
thanks for the reminder. got luxury box tickets for the sox on tuesday, free food, fenway franks included. hammered some chili dogs down and then shit in the private bathroom.

Portslob 46 days ago
Dude, that's where I had my hot dog. Third row behind the Sox dugout

Gabaghoulio 46 days ago
I just crushed an It's Always Sunny Dog a

dayman 46 days ago
had a street dog last weekend

ej 46 days ago
Portslob 17 minutes ago Dude, that's where I had my hot dog. Third row behind the Sox dugout look at us :')

evil_hero 46 days ago
hell yea. im goin camping again this weekend. gonna crush out a couple doggies

Portslob 35 days ago
Just took down 2 doggies! AMERICA

nothinlefttogive 35 days ago
+1 from yesterday. Mustard, ketchup, kraut.

evil_hero 33 days ago
3 dogs on the grill rn. wish i had boredtodeaths roller

butlerianjihad 33 days ago
I ate a hot dog with brisket on top 10/10

nothinlefttogive 26 days ago
+2 w/ kraut, ketchup, & mustard

Bortslob 25 days ago
2 banger yesterday for lunch

simon_belmont 25 days ago
Oh yeah I ate some yesterday. And also like 2 days before that. It's white boy summer over here.