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[OFFICIAL] Post in this thread every time you eat a hot dog

simon_belmont 183 days ago
7-11 roller dog. Nice, my man

lurkcity 183 days ago
uhhh lol that cant be true

BULLHEAD 183 days ago
BULLHEAD 16 minutes ago i had 5 hot dogs last night for real. with zucchini relish and roasted peppers

vagisilcreem 183 days ago
roller dogs are great.

ej 180 days ago
10:18 am. some kid brought jalapeno hot dogs to work from a donut shop? had to try

evil_hero 180 days ago
ShaolinLambKiller 14 hours ago Use your feet to jack

RAGINGFUCKMAN 172 days ago

Portslob 172 days ago
I ate one at the Celtics game tonight

Portslob 172 days ago
It was good

RAGINGFUCKMAN 172 days ago
my phone kept getting updates on that games score lol

butlerianjihad 172 days ago
My phone kept getting updates about portslobs cholesterol levels :(

Portslob 172 days ago
I had court side seats. I was rooting for the pistons because I hate al horford

vagisilcreem 172 days ago
do you hate rob halford? if you do, we have a serious "problem", my man.

simon_belmont 158 days ago
Gas station roller dog in my mouth

evil_hero 158 days ago
i am going camping this weekend. i will consume a few dogs fo sho