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[OFFICIAL] Post in this thread every time you eat a hot dog

simon_belmont 355 days ago
Ok this is the real one

virus_dot_exe 355 days ago
i dropped my japanese curry on the floor during lunch today so i had to eat two hotdogs instead

Barbara 355 days ago
I just had burger. Where's that thread I can't find anything here

xander_crews_horse 355 days ago
burgers are white supremacist and are banned from lambgoat

Barbara 355 days ago
I puked it up thanks for the tip

xander_crews_horse 355 days ago
pro-tip: if you eat a regurgitated burger it doesn't count so you can feel free to grill the vomit lump and melt some cheese on it. webmaster taught me that one.

xander_crews_horse 354 days ago
which one am i posed to post in post in?

simon_belmont 354 days ago
This is the [OFFICIAL] one

boredtodeath 354 days ago

ShaolinLambKiller 354 days ago
No you gay

theocean 353 days ago
just deepthroated 3 deutschmacher dogs with sauerkraut and mustard

Barbara 353 days ago
10 posts, 1400 views wtf

simon_belmont 353 days ago
The people demand more hot dog posts

cowboy_alanzo 353 days ago
I ate one. I cooked it on a stick at the campfire.

boredtodeath 353 days ago
Bud, yer all hat and no herd.