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Comeback Kid interview

By Mark Keraly
Interviewer/photographer Mark Keraly had a chance to speak with Canadian hardcore band Comeback Kid at a recent show in Anaheim, California.

So what's going on in Canada right now...Any upcoming bands you think we should be on the look out for?

There's a lot of cool stuff going on in Canada right now. Locally there's a really good band in Winnipeg called Hollow Ground and they have kind of a Hatebreed, 100 Demons kind of sound. They're really really good. We have some bands In Toronto…like the Kill Decibel. They're still looking for a label but awesome stuff. And like Final Word, good friends of ours.

Have you noticed any big differences between Canada and the States?

There's a little bit of difference…especially from where we're from. Winnipeg is kind of in the middle of no where. There's not a lot going on. It's got an amazing hardcore scene and there's tons of kids that support the local scene but not a lot of touring bands come through and not a lot of the press comes through there. It's basically we don't have the same things as the states…like segregated things. There's not like the fashion kids, and hardcore kids…everyone just comes out to enjoy the music.

That's really awesome…very sincere. No eye liner?


Especially down in California… all the fashion kids… yeah.

Are there any major differences in hardcore bands… Canada vs. the US?

There's way more bands as far as hardcore goes in the States, way bigger scenes. I mean Canada has good bands but not as many obviously as the states. We have bands that are just as good it's just hard to get the exposure in the states because of boarder issues.

Would you consider Comeback Kid a Christian band?

No, not at all.

What would you say the best part of touring is right now?

I wouldn't say it's sunburns…(laughing)

Yeah…man…where did those come from?

We had a day off in Roswell and I can't really show you…but my shoulder here, I got like 1st degree burns. It bubbled up and blistered…

Oh man…

Cause I'm an idiot and I'm pale and white and a stupid Canadian and I sat in the sun. I was all white and now I'm all red.

That's awful.

Yeah, anyway, what was the question?? Good things about touring?


California! It's awesome…I went to the ocean today, that's what's good about touring!

Been there before?

Yeah it was my second time and it was amazing!

Very cool. So…aside from sunburns, what would you say the worst part of touring is?

You know…sometimes lack of sleep and you get irritable because of it. We've all spent enough time together to where we know each other's boundaries so we know when we're pushing the lines and we just back off. We don't get in too many fights…we're chill.

What's the rudest band you've ever encountered?

[asks bandmates in same room] What's the rudest band we've ever encountered? Outbreak…those guys are assholes! (laughing) No…who?

Drummer: Champion! Those guys are not posi at all! They're the complete opposite of posi…they're…negi! Especially Brandon their drummer, what a prima donna!


Wow…so, has anyone ever told you that you sound like Aaron Bedard from Bane?

Yeah… sometimes we get comparisons to Bane. We love Bane. Bane was a huge influence on us and I guess some people hear the similarities. But yeah, totally…I don't know if I sound exactly like him, I try to do something a little different, I don't know. It's not a bad comparison.

Outside the band what do you guys do for a living?

Right now we just do the band. Kyle is a professional tanner. Sometimes we do stuff to make ends meet…I lift boxes. We just try to do the band full time. Anyway…Matt Pike sucks! (laughing as Matt walks by)

Uh huh… so do you guys see the band paying your bills?

It's been paying Pike's bills. (laughing)

What would you say the most embarrassing album in your collection is?

Hmm…I know I have something. Oh I know…wait…what is it? Kylie Minogue probably. I bought cause I liked that one song and I bought it cause…well I felt like spending 10 dollars on it. I don't think I've listened to it since I bought it.

Is Kevin from The Good Fight your permanent bassist now?

He's actually been filling in for us on tour and now we kind of have someone else filling in for us on this part of the tour cause he had a wedding to attend to so Kevin is going on from Minneapolis. He's a good friend of ours so it's nice to have him hanging out with us.

I got a hold of The Good Fight demo and it sounds like it's going to be pretty good stuff.

Yeah, definitely. And Kevin's a great guy.

In five words or less, describe the new album that you're working on.

Um…indescribable apparently…(laughing) Different, same, melodic, hard, buy!

Alright…you down to do some word associations?


You know how that works?

Oh yeah.

Here we go. Headbanger's Ball

Jamey Hatebreed

Ronald Reagan

Ronald McDonald

He'd be happy to hear that… Eighteen Visions.

[entire room groans]

Wow… Scott Vogel.

More stage dives!

Figure Four




Fruit Roll-Ups



Saw him






Andrew's belly

Bolt Thrower

Melinda our roadie


Knocked out! (laughing)

Ha! That's it! Amazing… thanks so much, man.


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