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Tiger Flowers "Cruisin' 'Til The Wheels Fall Off" song premiere

Lambgoat premieres a brand new track from Tiger Flowers.

Tiger Flowers song premiere

Tiger Flowers is a New York City hardcore/metal band originally formed in 2007 by ex-members of Johnny Cage Is A Fake, Same Deep Water As You and My Bitter End. Later this year they will release an as-yet untitled album that was produced by Elliot Geller (Malignancy) and mastered by Shane Frisby (Turmoil). Here's how Tiger Flowers frontman Jesse Madre describes the album:

"Going in this time we basically went in there with the 'fuck you' Mötley Crüe attitude that we were just going to play our music loud and fast and see what happens. Eliot at Geller Cellar Studios was great to work with. He let us be us and his input was always on point and helpful. This record, for us, was just the natural direction we had to take. It's short, fast, sad and dynamic. I think it's very much a Tiger Flowers record, just from the future."

Although a release date for the album has yet to be set, we've got a song for you to check out right now! The track is titled "Cruisin' 'Til The Wheels Fall Off" and Madre has the following to say about its lyrics:

"There's the scene in First Blood where Rambo is talking with the colonel about how he thought it was going to be different when he got back, how he and his buddies were going to go cruisin'. They were just going to cruise until the wheels fell off but all his friends had died, some of them right next to him. I have friends who are in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. I have friends who have kids over there and their kids are watching their buddies get blown up. Whether you believe in the war or not, motherfuckers are dying. I think Rambo nails it in that first movie, what it was like to come home to a country that didn't want you."

Ok, you've read enough. Now it's time to listen:

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