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Mouth of the Architect "How This Will End" song premiere

5/15/2013 7:53:37 AM

Mouth of the Architect unveils a song from their forthcoming album, Dawning.
Mouth of the Architect song premiere

Atmospheric post-metal masters Mouth of the Architect celebrate their tenth anniversary this year. What better way to celebrate than to release a new album? The band will do exactly that next month.

Dawning is the latest effort from the Ohio group, and it will hit streets on June 25th via Translation Loss Records. In the interim, we've got a mammoth track from the album to premiere for you right now! Check out "How This Will End" below:

Be sure to pre-order the album via Translation Loss.

Moto   posted 5/15/2013 11:04:49 AM
anonymous   posted 5/16/2013 8:16:43 AM
they were way better when they actually had riffs. and what's with that snare sound? blech.
anonymous   posted 5/17/2013 8:41:11 AM
anonymous   posted 5/17/2013 11:41:08 AM
Riffs? It's f*cking post-metal. Riffs are besides the point.
anonymous   posted 5/17/2013 2:38:25 PM
The main things that bother me about their new sound (starting with The Violence Beneath) is that firstly the drums are way too loud! They drown out the guitar work, which is related to another issue; Alex Vernon is no longer playing guitar and I believe he is a signature to their sound on 'Quietly' as is Greg Lahm on 'Ties That Blind'. the new guitarists/ have to be the reason for the change in overall tone and the decision to pop the hell out of the snair...
Chi_Stake   posted 5/17/2013 8:43:03 PM
I would agree with that. I'm hoping the other songs measure up. So far it's decent enough.
anonymous   posted 5/18/2013 2:41:24 AM
f*ck, new to this band, and I'm really feeling this track
MOTAVated   posted 6/7/2013 7:51:32 AM
Mouth of the Architect are archetypal metal. The drums are played expertly by Dave Mann - his style connects the pieces fluidly. I find their music to be emotionally charged. Apocalyptic and cathartic. So glad to see this new album. I'm looking forward to seeing as many of their gigs as I can when they tour.
anonymous   posted 6/7/2013 4:00:42 PM
Seeing them next week. Cannot express in words how excited I am.