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Don't Miss: Weaponize "Egokill"

Weaponize 23

By D. Rodriguez

Metal and all forms of heavy music often deal with unsavory, corrupt, and just straight-up evil characters. Sometimes, there are morals to pull from the music like with Weaponize's new track, "Egokill". The New Jersey hardcore/metal stalwarts have been at it since 2018 putting out some gritty stuff and it's clear that not a damn thing is changing with this new one, even as they pivot to a new weapon of choice.

Complete with an emphatically ominous video directed and shot by Kurt Fowlers of Sirius Cinema, "Egokill" is quick to set the scene with a grating, synthetic melody that calls to mind the sort of techno hellscape that fosters the sort of psyche and mindset that the lyrics target. Put simply, "Egokill" sets in its crosshair narcissism, vain attitudes, and self-righteousness that poisons people in the age of social media, clout, and toxic individualism. 

Frank Marinello's vocals sear the skin with a robust heft that's still plenty audible - no lyrics needed to get his point. Matched with Mark Salerno and Anthony Leuzzi Jr.'s dual guitar volley that puts melody ahead of raw heaviness, and the song's already provided enough sonic weight to get heads nodding and bodies flying in the pit. It's a great bonus then that Jeff O'Donnell's warm bass tone blankets the mix and Justin DiMaria's percussive assault on drums complete the set as a dense rhythm section that provides all the power Weaponize need to bowl over much of their competition.

Astute fans will notice their production style has become a lot clearer and cleaner since their earlier hardcore days of dropping singles and their self-titled EP, but exchanging that grit for clarity suits them well and sets them up to siege the Northeast region with whatever armaments they choose.

Weaponize seem locked and loaded for whatever comes next - either follow them or get out of the way.

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