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A|V of Abduction: Top 10 Black Metal Records

A|V Black Metal

We asked A|V, vocalist and mastermind behind Abduction to share with us his favorite Black Metal records, so he sat down in front of his collection and showed us his top 10.



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anonymous 32 days ago

ahhh, using cvlt imagery as a cover up for being scared of covid

anonymous 31 days ago

It sucks that people can't have actually conversations about best black metal albums because so many get left out due to "sketch reasons". Nokturnal Mortums "The voice of steel" is a prime example.

anonymous 30 days ago

100% of black metal past and present is absolute garbage music. f*cking embarrassing, this entire genre.

anonymous 30 days ago

Ninkharsag should definitely be on the list 🤘🖤

anonymous 28 days ago


anonymous 25 days ago

He actually called himself AV Get real shitbird

anonymous 24 days ago

Uncover your faces you gheys.