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Lambgoat Comment Reacts: Caleb Shomo of Beartooth

How will he handle it?

Caleb Reacts

By Dylan

While in Las Vegas the other week we caught up with Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo and had him react to some of the world-famous Lambgoat comments.



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anonymous 47 days ago

The other dudes in that YouTube pic feel just like the rest of us.

anonymous 47 days ago

For the longest time I thought this band was a joke band: their name, clothes, etc…. Turns out they're just a really bad "real" band.

anonymous 47 days ago

well at least he didnt pull an archictects and go the "wHeReS yOUr BAnD" route

anonymous 47 days ago

Caleb's Homo reacts

rick_tocchet 47 days ago

This guy was way cooler than the other wanka from over the pond.

anonymous 46 days ago

Lol. Didn't realize this guy was in Attack Attack.

anonymous 46 days ago

Why did Steel Panther not get this guy to replace Lexi Foxx?

anonymous 45 days ago

this dude is a total douche.

anonymous 42 days ago

This guy can't read lol

anonymous 42 days ago

It's fitting that this guy has "homo" in his last name.

anonymous 30 days ago

Oh man, that gif of attack attack! Doing the running man

anonymous 18 days ago

Is her name Shakiri