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Top Ten Stories on Lambgoat in December 2021

A look at the most-viewed news stories in the metal and hardcore scene during the month of December 2021.

Top 10 News Stories in December 2021

The final month of 2021 has run its course and, as usual, our top-viewed news items represent an assortment of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Good: hardcore group performing on network TV. Bad: band threatening to sue their record label. Ugly: the usual quota of alleged sexual and mental abuse. Oh, and some megastar actor parading around in Boston hardcore t-shirts. Enjoy!


Here are the top ten stories Lambgoat covered in the month of December, 2021:

10 Daughters vocalist Alexis Marshall accused of abuse by Lingua Ignota's Kristin Hayter9 Video: Turnstile perform two songs on Late Night with Seth Meyers8 Every Time I Die: 'Keith Buckley is a crucial part of the band'7 Crosses ††† sign worldwide deal with Warner Records6 Fit For A King drummer and co-founder Jared Easterling quits band5 Ben Affleck spotted wearing Have Heart t-shirt while out with J.Lo4 Whitechapel drummer Alex Rudinger quits band3 Every Time I Die's Keith Buckley says he's been 'ostracized' from band and that brother 'lied'2 Faith No More cancel all tour dates through July 20221 Slaughter To Prevail say they will 'most likely sue' Sumerian Records


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