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Funeral Attire 'Fractures' song premiere

1/27/2017 10:02:37 AM

Boston band Funeral Attire stream a new song featuring Counterparts' frontman.
Funeral Attire

Have you heard of Boston, MA band Funeral Attire yet? No? Well, if you like melodic hardcore in the vein of My Iron Lung or Pianos Become The Teeth, you should probably get on board. Formed in late-2015, the sextet released a full-length last spring and next month they'll drop a new split EP with I Dreamt The Sea.

Among the songs Funeral Attire contributed to the split is "Fractures," which we're exclusively streaming today. Notably, the track features guest vocals from none other than Counterparts vocalist Brendan Murphy. The band had this to say about the song:

"This song is sort of an amalgamation of all of our musical influences. For this split, and this song especially, we really wanted to strip a lot of things back and expose a very personal and vulnerable representation of the band, so listeners can understand us and relate to us in a way."

Ok, you've done enough reading. Check out "Fractures" below and keep up with Funeral Attire via Facebook.

anonymous   posted 1/27/2017 11:49:17 AM
The Big Bang theory: THE BAND
anonymous   posted 1/27/2017 11:58:45 AM
so damm good
anonymous   posted 1/27/2017 1:16:19 PM
I did a cry and I enjoyed it
anonymous   posted 1/27/2017 2:33:59 PM
Jesus, what a bunch of geeks. Based on their band pic, i bet this song is about how hurtful internet bullying can be.
anonymous   posted 1/27/2017 4:41:54 PM
This is the best release yet! Glad to hear you guys really developing such a great sound, keep it up!
anonymous   posted 1/28/2017 7:44:37 AM
how do you need 6 guys to record this...
anonymous   posted 1/29/2017 11:03:41 AM
Total snooze fest. What an uneventful boring song. This is the best thing 6 dudes could come up with?
anonymous   posted 1/29/2017 12:02:40 PM
Sound very good wait to go guys
anonymous   posted 1/29/2017 1:17:33 PM
Alright great sound guys!
anonymous   posted 1/30/2017 1:33:25 PM
Lunesta : the band
anonymous   posted 2/1/2017 2:41:17 AM
Ambien Rock
anonymous   posted 2/1/2017 5:03:23 AM
anonymous   posted 2/1/2017 8:31:49 AM
Robitussin here. Made these idiots think drinking me makes you write a good song.