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Meth Mouth 'Crooked Spine' video premiere

6/10/2016 1:40:58 PM

Central New York hardcore outfit Meth Mouth debut a new music video.
Meth Mouth

Syracuse, New York hardcore band Meth Mouth recently released their debut EP, titled Life Vice, through Irish Voodoo Records. If you've yet to check out the band, they've been around for less than a year but should appeal to fans of punishing hardcore with a metallic edge.

Today we're premiering a video for a track from the EP titled "Crooked Spine." According to vocalist Brandon DiFabio, "This song is about knowing you fucked up in the past, and doing what you can to move forward with life." The clip was filmed at the EP release show in Syracuse and can be viewed below (along with their upcoming tour dates). For more information, check out Meth Mouth on Facebook.

Meth Mouth tour dates:

w/ Grim State, Artisan
June 11 4th St Bar - Mansfield, OH
June 12 Savage Yard - Indianapolis, IN
June 13 The Exchange - Hot Springs, AR
June 15 89th St Collective - Oklahoma City, OK
June 16 House Show - Albuquerque, NM
June 17 Spanky P's - Abilene, TX
June 18 House Show - Austin, TX
June 19 House of Rock - Corpus Christ, TX
June 20 White Swan - Houston, TX
June 21 The Hideaway - Johnson City, TN
June 22 Pulse Vape Lounge - Levittown, PA

w/ Lionheart
June 23 The Foundry - Lakewood, OH
June 25 Hard Luck Bar - Toronto, ON (Canada)
June 26 The Vault - Syracuse, NY

w/ Bury Your Dead
June 28 Evening Star Concert Hall - Niagara Falls, NY

w/ Bleak
July 8 The Crossroads Cafe - Pittsfield, MA
July 9 Central Gallery - Bangor, ME

w/ Concrete
July 15 Harmony House - Webster, NY
July 16 Leland City Club - Detroit, MI
July 17 Liar's Club - Chicago, IL
July 18 P Slur Palace - Cincinnati, OH
July 19 TBA - St. Louis, MO
July 20 TBA - Austin, TX
July 21 TBA - Houston, TX
July 22 Parisite Skate Park - New Orleans, LA
July 23 The Dollhouse - Savannah, GA
July 24 Compass - Charleston, SC
July 25 The Hive - Ladson, SC
July 26 The Hook Up - Virginia Beach, VA
July 27 TBA - Baltmore, MD
July 28 Championship Bar - Trenton, NJ
July 29 Big Flats American Legion - Big Flats, NY

July 30 Fingerlakes Mall Event Center - Auburn, NY
July 31 3065 Live - Buzzards Bay, MA

anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 2:19:01 PM
Lenny fletcher is my dad and makes me hard as concrete love Tyler Montgomery
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 2:59:28 PM
Todd Jones here, just wanted to remind New York you will never be one of us.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 3:01:27 PM
This f*cking sucks.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 3:08:42 PM
Sean Mott here. Straight edge for life. f*ck Curtis Leshit. I need a haircut. f*ck you.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 3:17:36 PM
hey hi hello. I was at the video shoot for this video. it was cool. method man is cool. pittsfield is also cool.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 3:22:52 PM
Pittsfield i heard everyone vapes there!
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 3:26:15 PM
can anyone here even kickflip?
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 3:26:20 PM
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 3:29:54 PM
Came expecting the rapper, this sucks, flip your van
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 3:35:21 PM
this guys are rapists
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 3:51:31 PM
Shane from down in it here when am I getting my t shirt
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 3:55:32 PM
Stuck in Nopelahoma until the end of the month because the Army told me to so I'm going to the OKC show to see people that know what Mighty f*cking Taco is. And actual wings.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:04:26 PM
Curt lepore here just woke a chick up lovingly after giving her these pills I got from Bill Cosby.

Vegan straight edge for life or until Hollywood.

For real, yall beat?
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:10:04 PM
Doubt these dudes even do Meth. Juggalo or go.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:15:12 PM
Yo I dide meth wit deez guys. can promise u they r real.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:16:41 PM
They are straight edge. They don't do meth.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:18:19 PM
More like gayedge
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:20:03 PM
did meth wit some dem
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:21:05 PM
Syracuse. Syrup juice. AM I RIGHHT??
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:22:19 PM
Aren't these the guys from Duck Dynasty?
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:23:31 PM
more like Meh Mouth
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:25:32 PM
Im the lead singer. I can confirm that I DO METH! Thats why we are clled Meth Mouth,. i've been called 'Young Meth' foer years now.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:27:14 PM
Cicero Straightedge represent you motherf*ckers. Here I am bench pressin a fiend up in that Aspen fitness center. Gonna lift a weight for three hours and eat 4,000 calories.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:29:23 PM
"Burry my dck in concrete" what the f*ck did that line even mean?
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:41:27 PM
Steve Port here. Just watched this video and I am freaking offended. How the heck am I going to bring a child into this world with guys walking around with female genitalia for ears? Bye bye kiss cam and frick you Dennis Miller!
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:44:30 PM
Ian McNeil here, just want to ask everyone what the heck is going on in this world? Meth Mouth is ruining our friggin scene! I have been seeing a therapist weekly due to being roasted in several group texts :(
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:46:58 PM
Amy Delovely here, just got back from a festival in the middle of nowhere cuz I wanted to hang outside of the venue taking pictures of me closing my eyes. This band is full of jerks! Too much chipotle and Expire riffs is upsetting me!
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:47:50 PM
Brandon Difabio here. "Burry My dck in concrete" is a very personal line for me. Sorry can't say more.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:54:36 PM
I actually like this music. so stop not likig it.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 4:58:59 PM
Jeff Watkins here, just wanted to stop by and type up a long paragraph about how I really care about Syracuse hardcore but you kids don't even deserve that. Frigg off.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:00:31 PM
Brian Kraus here. I got 17 meth mouth shirts available for sale I found at a thrift shop. $56 PayPal shipped.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:01:42 PM
Pauly f*cking edge here. Just got done landscaping and making that $$$$ motherf*cker! These some hardworkin kids!
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:02:53 PM
ahhh, I remember when I started my first hardcore band.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:03:00 PM
TomDom here, just wanted to stop by and tweet a couple rap verses no one knows, take some Instagram pics of me flexing and let everyone know how much I love coffee.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:05:25 PM
Brandon Vazquez here, I'm a sagegay
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:07:12 PM
Emily Havel here. Just wanted to stop by and complain about trump, people eating meat and the IRS snatchin (no pun intended! Lol!) my chaturbate money!
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:07:50 PM
Zach Carter here, I have a learning disability.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:19:02 PM
I masturabte to meth mouth. -lil wayne
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:21:13 PM
Burry my dck in concrete. Meth mouth 2k17.
Chat with local singles on METHMOUTH.COM/peeinmybutt
"dckS WILL BE BURRIED."-MArty Meth Mouth
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:25:25 PM
Like these guys. Lead singer looks like a Bernstein Bear. Good enough for me...
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:29:01 PM
Ryan Weiser here, I just rented a car and I'm ready to follow this band on their "tour" so I can make a speech before they play every night. I'm sure only 10-15 kids will come out for each show but hey it's the thought that counts!

Ps- taking girlfriend applications. Requirements: must live across country, have no future and must be willing to post about relationship all over Internet.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:43:43 PM
Hey guys, Syracuse hardcore here.. attn utica: you can claim this white trash, we dont want them!
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:48:24 PM
jeff watkins here, just sold out but still think hardcore from 1992 had it right. feel the bern.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:49:31 PM
Sponsored by Resurrected Tattoo and Tullys Good Times
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:51:41 PM
take offense here, emily havel took care of us one by one in the van outside the westcott one night. this band reminds me of her jerk.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:56:05 PM
Adam Merendino here, I quit concrete because I'm a fat with a small dck.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 5:56:41 PM
Zach Carlin here, I also quit concrete because I'm a fat with a small dck.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 6:20:36 PM
f*ck tom brady
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 6:21:52 PM
Brandon Difabio here. I don't smoke meth. I eat it, hence meth mouth. Anyways... BURRY MY dck IN CONCRETE!
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 6:50:10 PM
Just awful
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 6:52:19 PM
Chris Smith here, I know yall be loving this band and all but this band will never be as dope as my tribal tat. Hit me up sometime and I'll let ya peep dat tat.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 6:53:33 PM
Crooked spine. More like crooked dck
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 7:21:53 PM
Keith in hell here, this is about as embarrassing as ghostship. Pure crap. Also I'm 40 years old and a loser.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 7:23:05 PM
This shit sucks.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 7:31:30 PM
Yo they have gay ass lines, "Cum sandwhiches for dinner, momma always said im a winna"
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 7:32:59 PM
Mad sus that we never see these doodz naked. what they got pussies down thurrr?
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 7:34:50 PM
Yo if they want tdonal trump meth mouth tickets i have them. trap love baby
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 7:37:09 PM
Meth Mouth is just some illuminaughty bullshit. The singer straight up is related to Hitler. I was in jail with him and he told me.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 7:37:44 PM
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 7:40:25 PM
Mike Parr here I will fight anyone with my karate. Back off.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 7:46:29 PM
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 7:56:17 PM
This shit is so good.

Just kidding.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 8:04:55 PM
Burry my dck and wounded knee.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 8:08:35 PM
Seth Rogen on the bass
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 8:15:25 PM
Bernstein Brandon Difabio
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 8:55:15 PM
I'm Sean Mott. XXX
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:06:36 PM
Tom Ranger here, I just got done scamming on some underage girls with my jean jacket.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:15:43 PM
Internet anon here: I remember when I became trapped in Central New York so I had nothing better to do then post dumbass comments about people on a thread about a band nobody cares about because I'm over the age of 23 and still think hardcore is relevant to real life and believe it revolves around my social status in the scene.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:22:59 PM
Saw these dudes live. They all farted at the same time when the set ended. It was nuts. So much skill and practice needed. Like straight up, no f*cks. Just farts. I also think I heard one of the groupies queef. It was amazing. Guys go see this band, the fart alone is worth the ticket price. They even mic that shit. 100
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:25:20 PM
can confirm the amazing fart trick. They did it during the break down at my show.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:26:30 PM
Yes, the fart trick is amazing. But the smell is too much to be honest...
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:28:03 PM
Can confirm the queef. The boys trained me to do it when they do the fart trick
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:30:01 PM
Utica hardcore here, you guys are all gays. Come to a show if you want to get punched in the mouth by a trump supporter during a troycore set.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:31:00 PM
wonder if that fart trick resulted in a SHART, what you think Fam?
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:32:33 PM
Utica bitch here, wah wah wah I'm tough. Come to my town and I'll kick your nuts in.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:34:08 PM
Utica bitch needs to shut their mouth. their meth f*cking mouth
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:36:08 PM
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:46:41 PM
"SHARTS FIRED" The latest single from Tony award winning band, Meth Mouth, is proving to be very personal for the members. We caught up with Seth Strokin, who plays bass for the band and see what he has to say.
"Well, we've always focused on our group fart, it's always been an important aspect of our live shows, and we just wanted to save that moment, shart in a jar if you will."
Other members of the band couldn't be reached for comment.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 9:50:59 PM
I love this song
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 10:10:28 PM
Ugh another Christian Rock band?
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 10:11:34 PM
Loved this! I play it while I watch Trump talk and I hate mosh in my room.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 10:14:52 PM
These guys should get signed... Better than Hitler.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 10:16:30 PM
Gonz NYEF here i hook up with minors and live off the government and the tax payers dollar wonder why no one goes to my shows
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 10:20:08 PM
Yo Gonz again, these guys would be nothing if it wasn't for me! Seriously tho, quit ripping down my flyers, I booked Suicide Silence.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 10:20:41 PM
Chris Forsworn here. Do I still exist?
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 10:21:51 PM
Annie Mendoza here. I do shoot heroin and I f*cked everyone in this band
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 10:53:07 PM
Gay Tony here, all the 17 year olds I used to beat up 10 years ago when I was 30 have grown up and are more successful than me so I dyed my hair blonde and send their girlfriends dck pics. I hate this band, I hate everyone, Wah.
anonymous   posted 6/10/2016 11:30:49 PM
Goon was better.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 1:07:31 AM
they seem really stoked.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 3:38:28 AM
Gay Tony here, all that I've accomplished in life is that I haven't accomplished anything in life and I take pictures of myself daily to put on the internet.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 6:05:08 AM
Steve port here again, I'm offended and I was in another breath.. another group of gayzz just like these ones.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 6:33:23 AM
Irish Voodoo puts out bad ass bands, why this one?
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 6:36:08 AM
Is meth even sXe??
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 6:44:43 AM
Xdbox here when I get out of prison I am going to fight this entire band.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 7:47:11 AM
hahaha this band is good, nothing new but good, i love the comments, are most of them the band members friends?
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 7:50:46 AM
Irish Voodoo Records here, if you want meth, hit me up.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 8:41:28 AM
This is from system? How embarassing
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:25:17 AM
Bring back fortress
Or goon
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:29:31 AM
Nobody gives a f*ck that lionheart is breaking up sage sage sage sage sage sage sage sage sage sage
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:30:43 AM
Sean Mott here. I love living vicariously through these dudes! I'm so proud of all the work I did for them.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:34:13 AM
Hitler did nothing wrong
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:41:31 AM
Looks like figure skating retards
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:42:26 AM
I'd rather listen to a Donald Trump speech than have to sit through this again.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 10:29:52 AM
Brandon DiFabio here. I just wanted to give everyone some behind the scenes action from Meth Mouth currently on tour. We have stopped at every gym thus far so that I can get my workout on. You may ask, "why do you work out so much Brandon"? Well let me tell you why. Someone needs to draw attention away from the ginger on stage. I dont think anyone has noticed him yet.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 10:48:22 AM
There is a f*cking ginger on stage? Wtf. Didn't notice that kid thanks to Bernstein Bear Brandon.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 10:57:58 AM
The only thing worse than a hook nosed sage is this band
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 11:05:23 AM
Berne sanders is a zionist jew cuck
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 11:15:49 AM
Rich kids with no bills have mom and dad buy them tattoos. Hear have heart, find out being angry is cool, start band with controversial name. Grow beards...all in the span of 3 years.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 11:17:27 AM
Brittni Pickard here if it wasn't for Meth Mouth I'd still have my butthole virginity
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 11:37:33 AM
sagesagesagesagesagesagesa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa ge
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 11:53:13 AM
Aaron "Big c-ck" Bedard here, there appears to be some confusion about this "Final" European tour from my influential and positive hardcore band Bane. Allow me to clarify, this will be the FINAL chance to see Bane in Europe.. Last chance to dance kids, so represent until we return of course for our 2016 package tour
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 12:10:21 PM
Sean Mott here again does anyone want to start a band so I can drop these guys? It's getting old already
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 12:36:55 PM
Lets sit here and make super obvious statements about people in the hardcore scene in our moms basment! THAT WILL SHOW THEM!!!!!
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 12:37:13 PM
Nice lighting. Good crowd. Expected to see vocalist hit self with microphone though. 6/10.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 12:41:00 PM
Seriously this is the worst
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 12:44:45 PM
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 12:50:10 PM
Meth mouth sucks ghost ship sucks atlas sucks earth crisis sucks strong hearts sucks destiny usa sucks the green mile is the worst movie ever made and my butthole is burning from shoving 9 ghost peopers up it which was better than listening to this f*cking song
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 1:32:51 PM
Alleigh Em here. Come catch me at Paradise Found tonight! 12 AM! Free dances for band members!
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 2:01:06 PM
Tolerate Crew here just saying that if we ever see Jesse Alonzo he's getting his ass kicked
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 2:07:03 PM
Jesse Alonzo here f*ck Tolerate bunch of baby back bitches atlas or bust
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 2:10:48 PM
BLACK SS here, Syracuse used to mean straightedge, now it means gay party
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 2:26:32 PM
Jamal Holmes here telling you guys that the only reason I could f*ck Brittni Pickard was because I was high on heroin
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 2:28:27 PM
Seth Eggleston here, I'm never doing a f*cking Atlas reunion so stop asking Sean
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 2:41:53 PM
I remember when scene girls were easy and would shut their mouths
.. now they are easy but post on Tumblr. Fat pigs.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 3:24:02 PM
Zach Carter Here Stop Making Fun Of My Dyslexica Ha
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 3:37:37 PM
Zach Carter here, I miss being born so much I still stare at my moms pssy every night before bed. It tells be stories.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 3:49:18 PM
Miranda Madden here offering free favors to drummers!
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 3:53:22 PM
Brock Turner here meth mouth is my favorite date night band.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 3:55:37 PM
This next songs called ragged and underaged.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 4:40:20 PM
Tomxcore here, I pressure and f*ck young girls but im married whoops
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 5:56:43 PM
Dan K. here, I only talk to good looking short haired guys that like youth crew, everyone else I will not bother.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 6:06:23 PM
This is me falling down here, Justin jarmacz was the backbone of our band
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 6:56:46 PM
The rest of the country here, we havent given a f*ck about the central New York area since Keith rollerbladed to the casino with our hellfest money.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 7:04:01 PM
Big Dave Carlson here, I held a benefit show after getting caught stealing from my employer and I got tattooed with the benefit cash. Thanks crappy bands for the money.also Ian Bear is a fat pile of crap like me and we are both on food stamps.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 7:27:11 PM
kitzel here, I hit on every young girl in cuse and my wife left me for having fun with underage girls
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 7:42:43 PM
Amy DeLoser here, if it isn't on this is hardcore I won't listen to it
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 8:16:24 PM
sein stein here, i got a 16 yr old girl pregnant and were happy to say our child will be named Anakin, that is all
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 8:37:59 PM
Rikki Kemz here, do you guys need a fill in drummer still
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:03:29 PM
Jesse Alonso here, tolerate can suck a fart from my beautiful ass
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:04:52 PM
Im drunk
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:07:21 PM
sagesagesagesagesagesagesa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa gesagesagesagesagesagesage sa ge
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:18:48 PM
Matt Dunn here, I love underage girls and have a proven track record
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:34:05 PM
Feel the Bern... The Bernstein Brandon Bern.
anonymous   posted 6/11/2016 9:39:34 PM
I was softly touched by one of these rough men and it made me leave my husband of 12 years
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 6:51:04 AM
Bet $20 the guitar player likes the sounds of queefs.

Also that one guy looks like he might be a ginger, can anyone confirm this?
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 6:53:44 AM
Josh Salva
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:04:48 AM
Gonz here, where is my edge family? Why did they all leave? Was it because I am an old loser? Or because I have horrible body odor? NEW YORK EDGE FAMILY IS FOR LIFE. NYEF NYEF NYEF NYEF NYEF. WAKE UP PEOPLE.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:08:25 AM
Doesn't anyone want to talk about the music? Amazing. This is my new myspace song. Goodbye Hollywood undead.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:11:29 AM
This song explodes. jerks will bleed. Gingers will shred. Singers will moan. Drummers will be replaced.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:16:06 AM
Hey guys, Brandon Difabio here. So our first few shows have been amazing on this tour. Unfortunately, thanks to you all, I noticed a Ginger was in the band. Needless to say we kicked him out.
Currently we are seeking a new bass player, in the mean time, well this bear can still shred. I'll be playing bass, singing, and doing some damage control for the band. Thanks for listening guys.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:19:10 AM
I play bass for this band. Please stop picking on me. Please. I haven't done anything to anyone. Okay? Stuff like this hurts me.
Why not pick on someone else?
Guys for real.
Stawhp. Fa. King. Laffing. At. Ma. Hur.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:20:52 AM
Vinny Sardo here, check out new Turn The Tide, also, can confirm, my band did beat Amy DeSuckalotodck
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:22:29 AM
Jon Fleischmann here, don't believe the lies, I'm stilling the band, and I'm still a ginger too unfortunately
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:24:09 AM
Is this really what hardcore has become, 5 fat dudes playing old expire riffs?
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:27:00 AM
I'm still f*cking pissed about my hellfest money
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:29:33 AM
Hey guys, Brandon Difabio here. Just want to address a comment on here contradicting my last announcement that we kicked that ginger out. He is in fact out of the band, he is however acting childish and trying to lie to you all by saying he's still in. I think he believes he can change the decision by getting support on here. He can't.
So let him know that he's out by using the special hashtag, #bernbass
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:31:06 AM
I misspoke, 4 fat guys and one shredded monster.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:32:10 AM
Lunchbox here, i tased a kid at a show back in 2011 don't anyone go forgetting that
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:33:24 AM
Gonz NYEF here again, just wanted everyone to know I pay Courage Crew to come over to my house and choke me in the shower
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:36:14 AM
Todd here. Loving this new Fortress album. I might just be a goon, but at least I'm not a ginger. #ginnyout.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:37:40 AM
All of Meth Mouth here, we kicked our bassist out not just for being a ginger, but also because we found out he was losing weight! And you must be at least 275 pounds in order to be in this band motherf*cker
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:38:21 AM
Can you guys grow up? Leave the kid alone. It isn't his fault he's a ginger. Bresides, I had fun with him once and the kid is packing. Big sword. Regular sized balls. Overal, an 8.7/10
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:40:05 AM
Courage crew here. Confirm Gonz pays us to choke him in the shower.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:41:52 AM
Waiting on the Kids Bop version of this...
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:43:57 AM
Gay Tony here, remember when I was able to push you kids around? The good old days.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:45:20 AM
Big dck, little balls, Ginger Jon.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:46:46 AM
A coke bottle and two gumballs. Bass balls
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:48:49 AM
Dan Bowers here, after this bong rip I'm fighting these guys.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:49:52 AM
How small is small though? Like what do his balls look like?
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:51:47 AM
Reaper Records here breathing a sigh of relief we didn't sign this pile of crap
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:52:32 AM
"I'll knife you if you keep talking about MA BALLS." -Johnny Bassballs
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:53:30 AM
Maybe his dck is so big it makes the balls look smaller?
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:54:42 AM
Kory Stuhler here, why didn't people care this much about Thoughts In Reverse?
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:56:09 AM
Naw, they are little no matter the dck size. #bassballs
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:58:42 AM
Jesse Alonso here again just saying talking to underage girls was cool when I did it back in 2011 now it's just f*cking weird grow up guys. Also Tolerate still blows and so does Tess Lowe for not forgetting I said that
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 8:03:39 AM
everyone in this band is a wigger
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 8:39:21 AM
Thoughts on reverse here, I'm glad someone in Syracuse sucks worse than us finally. Also our drummer Kory enjoys young girls...and I mean YOUNG
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 8:54:03 AM
Lanny from concrete here, I am vegan and a gay
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 8:59:35 AM
Meth mouth. Better than Bieber.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 9:02:49 AM
Brandon Vazquez here, I am an autistic f*ck and the only bands I like are Tolerate and Judge. This shit is weak and everyone in syracuse is a normie Topher Mono Zajas will never get the succ
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 9:05:32 AM
FSU here, we're fighting this whole band, this video disrespects hardcore. Also they smoke cigarettes and we kill people for doing that
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 9:06:55 AM
Sean Mott here. I'm hair is bigger than hardcore and I'll be the new guitar player for meth mouth by the end of summer.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 9:13:39 AM
Meth Mouth dirty south. f*cking. Right. Love the bassist, dude shreds. The drummer? Kills. The singer? Bernstein. The Guitartist? A f*cking artist. Anyone else? f*ck em. Just kidding. #wootang

Scratch off music. Meth mouth.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 9:15:26 AM
Spotify? More like spot a guy.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 9:22:09 AM
I still don't get what the big deal about this band, they're literal chodes
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 9:26:50 AM
If your band attracts less than 15 people to a show, you prob shouldn't be making music videos you jack off artists
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 9:35:06 AM
Team Sluts here, f*ck team zajas
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 10:02:02 AM
Judge is better than this garbage
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 10:08:09 AM
Shawn Motts here, if anyone needs advice on hitting a bitch hmu
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 11:39:36 AM
Jay Vick here, if these guys want to do a poorly promoted and managed show, hit me up!
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 1:01:36 PM
Misgiver here, anybody realize we're trendy deathcore kids who found out about knocked loose last year? Good :)
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 1:14:35 PM
Knocked Loose here, just wanted to apologize for the generation pssy assed bitches that's going to occur because of us
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 1:34:24 PM
Kory Stuhler here again, I can't believe I quit the Internet and people are STILL talking shit about me
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 2:08:12 PM
I hate my jerk. It bleeds constantly. The cure? Not Meth Mouth. Meth Mouth makes jerks bleed.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 2:13:30 PM
In other news, shitty cny band makes shitty music. This comment is not ironic. You guys really do suck, and your pathetic circlejerk of years old music scene jokes are almost as relevant as your music. Also very original, just like the sound of your band. The comments on this thread help show the integrity of your band, and how lame the hardcore/Syracuse music scene truly is.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 2:14:48 PM
I find it hilarious that you're wasting money on a tour to play music to people who are just as unenthused as your local following is. But hey, maybe a kid will buy your shirts so he can look cool to the rest of the kids worried about their image and trying to fit the gimmicky hardcore kid look. Have fun wasting your lives for the rest of the year til you call it quits and return back to square one in your life, where it will forever continue to be.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 2:30:52 PM
I'll assume those last two comments were John Gentz? Shake any babies lately dude?
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 2:39:14 PM
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 3:19:13 PM
How many failed local musicians here?
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 3:44:55 PM
Brian Magee here, you may recognize me from VH1's Making Mr. Right and your 17 year old relative's house party. Just here to say I still exist and you should all pay attention to me. P.S. Jesse Alonso if you ever mic grab during our set again I'm banning you from Syracuse Metalcore
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 3:46:46 PM
Colin Mraz here just saying that I book really awesome hc shows but no one comes because they're in f*cking Binghamton. If you didn't come to Binghamton Style you're a poser.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 3:48:44 PM
Jakey X Bock here to tell you that I still don't f*ck with Matt Dunn after he banned me from the lost for moshing.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 3:56:36 PM
Jesse Alonso here wondering why I'm the only person who still gives a shit about thoughts in reverse
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 4:26:51 PM
Jesse Alonso here again. Just wondering - Did anyone actually think I had a good voice or any talent, or were people just too afraid to tell me I'm dogshit and should stay out of music for good?
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 4:27:46 PM
Mickey Mouse here. I f*cked all of your mothers and fathers.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 5:07:33 PM
Shelby aka champagnemami here just telling you guys that I hate this band because I'm a fat feminist c*nt and they trigger me.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 5:10:06 PM
Brian McGee here, please don't confuse me with the metalcore guy I'm just here to say Forfeit is the only good band to come out of CNY.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 5:20:15 PM
Amy Delapp here in the flesh, just here to say you're all heroin addicts and this is why no one takes this music scene seriously anymore. Expire is the best band ever, and Vinny Sardo touched me HEHEHEHEHEHE
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 5:22:00 PM
Syracuse is shit. If you value your band's livelyhood, don't play here
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 5:31:10 PM
Jakey bock here don't really give a shit about this dog shit band but if you want you can check out the picks I put up of my fat girlfriends fat t-ts.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:00:56 PM
All of the people called out in this thread will probably never know anything was even said about them because they all have actual lives
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:04:06 PM
Whoever shot this music video should be thrown into the gorilla pen at the Cincinnati zoo
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:14:42 PM
Justin Jarmacz here, can't believe someone really took the time to literally call out almost every involved in the Syracuse music scene. You're obviously a f*cking loser.j
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:48:36 PM
Goon here. Why isn't Brandon at band practice anymore?
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:57:27 PM
Hey guys, Seth Strokin here, I play bass for Meth Mouth and I wanted to let everyone know some behind the scenes on how the band formed. Well I was playing bass in a male strip club, and a new act was debuting. They called him Bernstein. A stripper my boss brought in to satisfy the ever growing Bear community. Well I was playing for him and he was digging it. He dug it so much, that he stopped stripping (leaving one boy especially horny teehee).
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 7:58:26 PM
Well Bernstein and I realized right then we had to do something. I started shredding and he grabbed the mic and starting slaying. The crowd went nuts. Literally. Everyone pulled their balls out. It got too weird, even for us. Anyways we ended up leaving and decided right then that we needed to make a full band. But we needed help.
But that's all I want to share now. Keep checking back for more about how we formed. Thanks guys.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 8:06:45 PM
Hey guys Donald Trump here. I love Syracuse hardcore. So many great people. Very little shit talked here.
Poop on my face.
Never tell me the odds.
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 8:11:21 PM
I feel like Chris Zajas made these comments because theres nothing about his tiny c-ck or how he used to cry over people making fun of his huge nose
anonymous   posted 6/12/2016 8:38:43 PM
Everything just ends up being advice measuring contest, also Justin Jarmacz is no where near as relevant as anyone else mentioned in this thread so it's clearly him and his shitbag pillhead girlfriend making all of these comments while shooting up in some alleyway
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 12:42:08 AM
sick cuse lax jersey bro... take your sperry's and mommy's credit card to the nearest scratcher and get an anchor tat with this bands sick lyrics
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 6:02:51 AM
Daemon Elias here anyone have a lyric sheet. I need to get another shitty Syracuse bands shitty lyrics tattooed on me. Also Keith in hell c-ck is like scary big but it only hurts the first couple of times.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 6:10:35 AM
Jamey hasta here, do you guys want to open for hate breed? You guys are so good. I'm serious. -from Jamey jasta
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 6:30:23 AM
Justin Jarmacz here once again, you can talk shit about me all the f*ck you want, but leave my girlfriend the f*ck out of this. To make a statement about someone being a pill head and shooting up is really not cool when they lost their brother to drugs. You're a piece of shit and when I find out who you are you're gonna get knocked the f*ck out. Congrats on being a huge f*cking jerk.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 6:57:01 AM
Matt witter here! Watch out guys, I have herpes.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 8:41:56 AM
Meth mouth makes me want to go crowd killing...by crowd killing I mean hanging myself in the lost horizons bathroom
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 9:30:27 AM
Hey Guys! It's Jordan Haynes, and I'm finally out of the fantasy world I was living in from the large amounts of acid I was doing while drinking.

I started a band, it's called toilet cereal. Meth is a good drug, so meth mouth is a cool name
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 11:30:18 AM
Justin JarmacZZZ here again, guess somebody is trying to get their face smashed. Keep it up.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 12:26:15 PM
"I'm actually pregnant this time guys I swear"

-if you think this is about you it probably is
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 12:35:11 PM
Not every musician from Syracuse New York is complete f*cking garbage, those musicians just haven't been discovered yet.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 1:11:07 PM
I'm really stoked that all of the Syracuse music scene's demons and 3 year old beefs are being brought to light in this thread. The Republican Party should have it's convention at the Lost Horizon.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 1:16:51 PM
Billie Smith here, am I not important enough to have people talk shit about me on lambgoat??!?! f*ck all of you drink weed
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 1:42:39 PM
I went to a meth mouth show once, a bunch of posi-kids jumped me in the bathroom and gave me a swirlie for crowkilling. Never again.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 2:04:38 PM
I'm pretty sure this whole thread is just Jesse Alonso and Chris Zajas going back and forth and Justin Jarmass actually being mad because he's a gay retard
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 2:13:39 PM
Casey Ratchet here, I thought this was a Thoughts in Reverse thread so I'll see myself out...
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 2:20:54 PM
Tyler Russell here just telling everyone that girls are f*cking c*nts, I hate sages, and heroin is pretty fun. I miss f*cking Justine's ass everyday and if you leave me in your house alone I will steal any money I find so I can buy Pokemon games and Xanax. Brenna Vallar if you're reading this I know you have my Pokemon silver cartridge and Matt Witters dick is way smaller than mine.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 2:49:31 PM
Jamie Jersey here, you know what...nevermind
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 3:26:30 PM
A haiku:
Couple years, still alone
Cause she got f*cked, I got cucked
Jesse Alonso
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 3:49:33 PM
I like how all the local scene kids are fighting on here. And if this wasn't posted on a friend of a friends Facebook I wouldn't know this band exists. I don't hate any of the local people involved in the music scene however this isn't the type of music I'm that into. Hopefully you all stop fighting especially on this random bands page on this random website
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 3:58:59 PM
f*ck all
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 4:02:00 PM
Syracuse Pop Punk here thanking God none of you people go to our shows...in fact no one goes to our shows...
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 4:05:17 PM
Thread flip x1000
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 4:29:11 PM
There are like 5 comments about the actual music video.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 5:03:44 PM
Brandon talked to Greg long ONCE
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 6:06:09 PM
I normally go on the Internet to make fun of transgender kids' tumblr profiles because their self entitled whining makes me super horny. However, I stumbled across this thread and I must say, holy shit this band literally had s*x with a 15 year old, a 15 year old's virginity was taken by the veiny, throbbing minic*cks of everyone in this band. Holy shit, just thought I'd share
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 7:05:44 PM
Mott here again,, seriously I feel like everyone forgot about me being in ghost ship :,(
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 7:06:42 PM
Ya, i like it
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 7:08:11 PM
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 7:10:42 PM
Exactly what you'd expect out of Syracuse. Generic people liking generic ass music. The band couldn't even find an original name, riff or do there own album art. Hardcore 2016.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 7:28:03 PM
The rest of hardcore here, when is Sean Mott gonna stop name dropping us like he's friends with us or something? Ghost ship and atlas were not big deals at all. Refused are f*cking dead and this shit excuse for a band should be too
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 7:43:23 PM
Brian Darby here, drink a cherry cola and chatting in hamfam. 1 luv fam.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 7:54:44 PM
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 7:54:51 PM
tof daddy here, kisses for everyone mwah mwah
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 7:57:40 PM
utica here sorry for being late to the party we still have AOL, but yeah we don't want them either give them to binghamton.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 7:58:10 PM
the real brian darby here will someone be my gf pls repond
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 8:06:13 PM
binghamton here, ship em out to albany
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 8:09:05 PM
The real bRiaN darby here who up click like, save me from this crippling depression. Honestly, I've never had worse feelings in my entire life. Tru same. Will u b my gf irl pls rspnd ..... I am going to kill myself if no one makes me feel better..... Dear lord make the terrible feelings stop, pls be my gf. AND Also dank memes
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 8:33:39 PM
Is this serious? Come on. It can't be.
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 8:55:03 PM
syracuse>buffalo>rochester >albany>>>>>>>>oswego>>>>> >>>>>>>>>utica>>>>>fulton> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>binghamton

Never been to a town before where absolutely everyone looked 5 seconds away from blowing their f*cking heads off, for good reason too
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 10:13:34 PM
Ray Herbert here,I look like Gorilla biscuits's mascot
anonymous   posted 6/13/2016 10:40:55 PM
God's not real, just so everyone knows...
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 3:28:32 AM
Syracuse swim kids here Malfunction rules but who is Buried Alive?
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 3:36:43 AM
Utica here we don't want you but we're looking for 15 bands to play a bar show that starts at 8pm so I guess you can play
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 3:54:58 AM
Erin Oboyski more like Erin Oh Boy Skeet On Me
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 4:10:17 AM
40 Dead Men here, we don't understand why people are getting excited about this band when we pioneered this sound 2 years ago
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 6:04:51 AM
We cry on facebook when other people have shows harder than ours :') don't hit the walls please
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 7:09:58 AM
Matt Dunn here, just want to say it's a coincidence that my employee's bands are on every show
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 7:14:39 AM
Rob button here I have a bird chest and support feminism when its convenient for me
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 7:49:19 AM
Ant Lebbert here I know more about meth mouth than you if ya know what I'm saying. See you at Slugfest. Support violent dancing or get out gays
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 7:50:49 AM
Badlands here check your privilege
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 8:03:06 AM
Taylor Bonk here, Forsworn broke up so I started f*king Trespassers
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 8:08:12 AM
Was having fun on this thread saying random shit until all the crying came out. Blah Blah Blah, this girl is a whore, this guy is a bitch, blah blah. God I'm not even into hardcore, nor in the scene, but I know all the little beefs now. I thought hardcore kids were supposed to be tough, like punch each other over shit, not cry online and talk shit on an anonymous form. Ya'll weak.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 8:09:51 AM
This is the real Shelby Mcglothlin how dare you call me a fat feminist c*nt this just proves how many disgusting mysoginist pigs are in this area. Ladies please please please protect yourselves from these dangerous white men. By the way Meth Mouth if you do a Fleetwood Mac cover I might come to a show
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 8:10:43 AM
Adam Reitz here. Just wanted to be part of something dumb.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 8:11:26 AM
punch each other
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 8:24:32 AM
Chris Zajas here just wanted everyone to know I f*cked all of Syracuse fem squad so joke about my dick all you want
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 8:53:57 AM
This sounds like it was recorded inside my jerk
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 9:21:48 AM
Laid 2 Rest here saying that Faith Void is a gay, f*ck badlands, we will punch holes into anything lmao
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 9:34:32 AM
Faith Void here to tell you this band is gayer than G.L.O.S.S
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 9:34:46 AM
Chris Zajas here, just wanted everyone to know i f*cked every low self esteem under aged piglet in the city so joke about my microdick all you want.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 10:26:42 AM
Chris curbstomp here. Learn what REAL metal is and check out my band AS THE SKY FALLS
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 10:28:54 AM
These comments are immature, pathetic, and go too far. We get it, you're stuck in hardcore beef from 2002 because nothing significant has happened in your life, but to make racist, sexist, homophobic comments goes too far. You are all cowards. I am so happy to not be involved in a Scene full of neck bearded idiots with nothing better to do than this . - Alex Iadanza
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 10:31:05 AM
And notice, that unlike any of you cowards, I actually left my name. So do your worst, talk shit anonymously about me as well, I'm sure you all are just dying for this thread to continue so that you can find new people to talk shit on and validate your pathetic existences. - Alex Iadanza
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 10:32:14 AM
Nowhere man here... Wanted to thank everyone here for exiling me 6 years ago and sparing me the agony the of HPV ridden Syracuse hardcore scene.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 10:34:31 AM
No one reply to Alex idazanaaaana... Do not dignify her....
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 10:59:01 AM
Alex landanzza here, no one knows who I am. Thanks. Also I'm gay.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 11:00:35 AM
Alex Iadanza here, can someone help me get this booger off my top lip? It's been here for ages and now it's hard as steel
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 11:01:53 AM
Eric Bechard here again someone PLEASE give me a haircut
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 11:09:14 AM
Chapter 1: This world.
"So this was the world now, a bitter landscape where only the tough survive"
It finally happened, years ago now. Eggman went for the kill and had finally done what he wanted. He now ruled the world. What was left of it. The green planet was mostly a barren wasteland. Small pockets of Mobians survived day by day hoping Eggmans patrols
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 11:09:57 AM
patrols wouldn't be ordered to execute them all, or hope the bots didn't find them if they weren't a registered settlement.

It all happened so fast, he seemingly stopped doing all of his usual bad stuff of wanting to kill Sonic or whatever. No he was gone for a long time and like a tidal wave his bots rose from the ground all around the globe and decimated any resistance. That was it, the simultaneous attack on the world was too much for anyone to stop. That was about 2 years ago.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 11:11:21 AM
Syracuse metalcore here it's still 2006 right???
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 11:14:18 AM
Millions died and forest were burned to snuff out anyone hiding inside. Food was scarce and medicine was rationed.

Eggman said he cared for everyone who was alive if you consider the minimal amount of resources were town caring. His bots would keep the small settlements in check and occasionally would slaughter a town simply because Eggman felt like it.

What happened to the Freedom fighters? Well most were dead now, people heard rumors some were alive, especially Sonic
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 11:15:31 AM
but that might have been just hope talking.

As for everyone else most were considered rumors, hell even legends.

But the one person who had escaped the bullets, the imprisonment and executions was Fiona Fox.

Course she hadn't been a Freedom fighter for almost 7 years when those events took place. With another two years that made 9 making her 25 years old now.

How'd she survive, pretty much dumb luck actually.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 11:36:09 AM
Hannah mountains here, ama...
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 12:54:13 PM
Scott Dixon here, just want to clarify that I've never been more sick in my life and this song made me relapse back into my heroine use! Go 'Cuse!
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 1:02:53 PM
I miss the B9 boards
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 1:25:15 PM
Alec LaBounty here guys! I quit music
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 4:12:46 PM
Hahahahaha jesus christ. This is actually Alex Iadanza again. The hairy butthole comment killed me. I actually laughed for a good few minutes. And apparently I have a ton of lovers all over the world? Hey. Fine with me. These comments are A+ honestly. You're not going to offend me.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 4:15:55 PM
Harley Woolsey here idk guys I still think beat jokes are pretty funny
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 4:19:08 PM
Alex Rock Blake here I decided to be edge again lulz catch me doing that ignorant wigger mosh in the Pageninetynine pit
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 4:22:20 PM
40 Dead Men here we put a lot of work into our music and it really hurts that we don't get credit for bringing true HXC back to this area. Suck my dck and die
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 4:24:19 PM
Alex Iadanza here this has nothing to do with me and I'm not offended but I keep coming back to see what people say
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 4:26:15 PM
B9 boards here WOW hardcore got lame(r)
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 4:53:29 PM
Emily havels bf here, don't make fun of her being in chaterbate and please don't make light of my ex wife exposing my child support "issues". Please I'm serious
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:13:11 PM
Danny Threeonefive here I just sent you all friend requests
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:22:04 PM
Britany Pederson here. My latest boyfriend beat me to this song.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:31:41 PM
Utica Hardcore here. We support Meth Mouth about as much as we do 40DeadMen. If you don't get the joke I'm saying they're both shit.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:32:33 PM
Sam Patterson here come get a fre$h cut also don't tell Tia but me and Britni like to get a little handsy when no one's looking
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:32:45 PM
Chris Smith is the only respectable person in Syracuse "Hardcore"
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:35:14 PM
Gonz here. NYEF is just a cover up so I can watch scene kids with face tattoos suck my unemployed 40yr old dck
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:36:51 PM
Tosh.o here would you guys want to be featured on my next web redemption?
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:37:23 PM
Wastecase here why does everyone always forget about us? Come on guys we're really good
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:38:12 PM
Gay Tony here. When am I going to stop talking to all of Eric's throw away bitches and stop sadly trying to talk to girls I hooked up with when they were 15
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:38:25 PM
One time I saw 40 dead men do a blink 182 cover at the ghost ship farewell show and it honestly made me want to shoot the singer.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:40:07 PM
This is why Folk is way better -Peter Butter
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:46:50 PM
Evan Sanders here, I'm more badass than all of you because I literally started a riot at my f*cking school and got expelled for it. So f*ck all of you West Berlin is the best f*cking band ever so suck my d*ck
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 5:49:53 PM
Filed under white trash section of Syracuse hardcore along with ghost ships, all the kings horses, bleak and the storm
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 6:33:28 PM
what are you 10 that was a Nirvana cover
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 6:34:08 PM
Syracuse vs Everybody
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 6:41:20 PM
More like:

Syracuse VS itself
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 6:54:25 PM
Cool it was so bad it sounded like blink 182 Jesus Christ
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 7:21:52 PM
Hey again it's the actual Alex Iadanza again, just wanted to make sure that everyone knows just how NOT OFFENDED I am by these contents. I'm too busy being a vapid whore, and not shaving my vag.
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 7:28:35 PM
Life before tumblr was cool because women actually shaved their creases
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 7:31:47 PM
John radcliffe here... does anyone remember me? anyone?
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 7:46:45 PM
Matt Witter here, I prefer the term "tubby" when it comes to describing my girth. Also I have a tiny p*nis
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 7:56:10 PM
This post made me get a pixie cut now even Amy Delapp offends me. Feel the Bern
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 8:10:14 PM
No one called out the Solak sisters yet? Scooter here, I still won't let them out of the house
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 8:21:31 PM
Utica hardcore here -40 DEADMEN SHUT THE f*ck UP
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 9:08:42 PM
Gonz aka josh nyef here I just want to say I also booked 25 ta life and a bunch of other bands nobody cares about anymore or ever has. come to my shows or my high school friends will jump you
anonymous   posted 6/14/2016 9:18:19 PM
Why does amy delapp look like a wigger now?
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 2:51:32 AM
No offense meff mouth but I bet you out out a press release for this video but you play to 5 people on tour I'm serious
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 3:58:27 AM
Jayson Vick here stop trash talking my band I invented Utica hardcore
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 6:44:38 AM
Meth Mouth apologized for the comments.... now the fun really begins
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 7:32:15 AM
Gonz here. You guys weren't supposed to tell anyone about the underage girls. We were all bros! 42
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 8:13:50 AM
40 dead men here.., we really had a convicted rapist in our band
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 9:15:46 AM
Poopy so poopy
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 9:34:26 AM
40 Dead Men here we're down with rapists we ain't no PC gaygetz. We're also the only good band in Utica
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 9:36:08 AM
Patrick Tuohey here gotta sleep with one eye open so I know when Gonz is gonna nut on me
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 10:25:00 AM
40DEADMEN GIVE IT UP. YOURE METALCORE AND YOU SUCKKKKK. you're not even close to hardcore. Jay you get no credit for bringing hardcore anywheres except into pointless arguements on FB so go to bed. You're not relevant at all anywheres so stop even checking this.
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 11:00:06 AM
The Lost Horizon here. Due to safety concerns, all bands mentioned in these comments have been BANNED from future shows.
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 12:07:30 PM
Hey guys it's Brian Magee. Is anyone up?
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 12:08:16 PM
Auburn hardcore family here... Looks like we're late the the party as usual. Just hopping on to let you know we still exist and we're still tough as heck and if you have a 16 year old sister/daughter/girl you might have seen in passing.... Lovk her up before we knock her up!
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 12:29:19 PM
Jayson Vick here hardcore died when my band broke up
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 12:39:26 PM
Matt Travers here letting everyone know I still hate n*ggers and wear blackface
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 12:42:11 PM
Hannah Mountain here I'm annoying and stupid
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 12:52:42 PM
Maude Flanders here, Won't somebody please think of the children?
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 12:59:08 PM
you can tell Jesse Alonso stopped posting in this because these comments are terribly unfunny
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 1:04:12 PM
Concrete here looks like we have to bail on the tour we're too busy playing every show in Utica
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 1:36:25 PM
Concrete again... we love ourselves and Utica is like our second white trash home. And we are crappy, I'm serious
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 1:42:34 PM
Utica Club here not sure who made us the mascot of white trash inbred hardcore but you should stop
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 3:27:10 PM
Does anyone else remember when upstate NY hardcore was way cooler and people actually gave a f*ck and supported everyone? On that note meth mouth is full of hotties and Lenny Fletcher has a huge set of balls. I seent it
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 4:11:27 PM
No not really - Cny hardcore family
anonymous   posted 6/15/2016 10:33:02 PM
Lol I love how this all got started by chris and jesse. 2 dudes that look like complete garbage and sat here judging the f*ck out of people in syracuse. Crawl back to cicero where you came from homeboys. I have never seen either of you at a hardcore show, so great job being complete f*cking idiots.
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 10:32:36 AM
Reality here... Jay Vick has lost touch with me and thinks METALCORE is hardcore...someone please if you see Jay Vick tell him to come home please. Last seen picking up the pieces of his success in local "hardcore" and tapping his foot along to anything his guitarist/drummer/bassist/ recording studio, Frenchie, writes him.
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 10:33:18 AM
Upstate NY hardcore here, no one supports us because we f*cking suck man i mean listen to this shit. Forfeit was the last good band from this area.
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 12:52:26 PM
You forgot about Violent Side and Born to Expire ^
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 1:28:15 PM
Lumpy here of Detriment: "I couldn't hack it in K9 so I play for 40583 other bands in NY now that will never go anywhere and post cool pics of me wearing a basketball jersey and camo pants." Follow me on ig!
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 1:47:12 PM
Nowhere man here, I'm kinda bummed that I can't name any hardcore bands or any of their members because no one has held a lineup for more than 3 months and no one has done anything notable.
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 2:18:07 PM
Danny Vital here, just popping to say I'm the only successful adult to come out of Syracuse Hardcore.
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 4:22:37 PM
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 6:28:15 PM
That Amy chick does have a nice fat ass. I will say that.
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 7:26:32 PM
Wow this thread got dumb fast, did you guys run out of relevant people to pick on?
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 7:34:18 PM
Keith here whoever comes forward about posting anonymously gets their Hellfest money back
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 9:13:26 PM
1. Amy is literally the only cool person in Syracuse
2. Syracuse hardcore is f*cking weak
3. f*ck meth mouth and the rest of you beat apologist pieces of shit
anonymous   posted 6/16/2016 9:37:04 PM
Nah Amy sucks she doesn't put out for real sageas
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 3:13:40 AM
"Rape apologists" sick burn
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 8:13:07 AM
I didn't post the beat apologist comment. But they have a point.. You guys are.. It's god damn annoying that yall think you're the hottest shit in Syracuse. That Jon kid in the band WHO IS ONE OF THE RAPISTs, hit on every f*cking girl in this city... Like " hey baby i'm in meth mouth come suck my c-ck" BUT THEIR ALL REALLY SORRY ABOUT ALL THESE POSTS. f*ck off meth mouth.
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 8:24:51 AM
did anyone find out who was posting those comments? was it Jesse and Chris or was it the actual meth mouth guys
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 9:17:00 AM
"did anyone find out who was posting those comments? was it Jesse and Chris or was it the actual meth mouth guys"

The fbi's cyber crime unit is working on it now. Once they have the culprits, they'll be sending special agents Who Cares and You're A Bitch over to make the arrest.
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 9:41:18 AM
You're all dumb. This has Brandon Assquez written all over it. That being said it's an anonymous forum so you'll never know, stop losing sleep over it.
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 10:40:45 AM
B Vaz is too busy practicing Tom Harris's pit moves
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 12:04:10 PM
you guys realize that bvas killed himself right...
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 12:24:37 PM
I guess brittni is coming along finally a week later to talk shit...
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 1:18:25 PM
Jon noooooooo not the herp
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 1:21:07 PM
Can't really blame Britni for talking shit after that comment about her getting handsy with Sam
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 1:32:21 PM
hey, that's pretty good!
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 3:52:55 PM
It's pretty sad that the only attractive men in this "scene" are the older guys.
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 5:14:48 PM
How dare you objectify men..... there is more to us than our looks... you're a disgusting piece of shit
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 5:27:08 PM
Dory dies
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 6:01:36 PM
honestly there's not even a hardcore scene there like 3 mosh metal bands that have no ties to real hardcore, meth mouths "moves" are just them putting a whole bunch of TBA dates on a amdat and calling it a day
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 8:52:48 PM
Ah yes, pedophiles unite
anonymous   posted 6/17/2016 8:52:48 PM
Ah yes, pedophiles unite
anonymous   posted 6/18/2016 6:40:11 AM
Darth Vader dies
anonymous   posted 6/18/2016 9:54:23 AM
That Jon fleshman guy looks like he belongs in a crack house beating his kids.

f*ckin losers
anonymous   posted 6/18/2016 10:13:57 AM
I know where they're coming from, because I backtraced it. Consequences will never be the same.
anonymous   posted 6/20/2016 3:25:08 PM
Miranda Madden here, can't believe i'm still here, but yeah im having a baby don't tell anyone it's not his
anonymous   posted 6/20/2016 3:26:23 PM
Jon Page here, yes i do like cheese, do I look like a rat? no.
anonymous   posted 6/20/2016 3:29:21 PM
Liz White here, I am indeed still a mermaid and if you dont think im $cene bitch f*ck U
anonymous   posted 6/23/2016 7:52:35 AM
Jesse Alonzo here...hey guys, I know a lot of harsh comments have been made but I just want to say that Chris and I didn't mean any of what we said. We've been going through some tough times lately, truggling with the realization that we're in love.... I guess we weren't ready to admit our feelings and we took it out on other people from an anonymous platform where we felt safe to be who we are. We're really sorry about everything we said and
anonymous   posted 6/23/2016 7:53:36 AM
we hope you can forgive us and accept our love for each other <3
anonymous   posted 6/23/2016 10:45:34 AM
^^^couldnt even spell his name right. You're special needs obviously. And not Jesse.
anonymous   posted 6/23/2016 11:17:24 PM
All of the girls mentioned in here have had their nudes posted on 4chan
anonymous   posted 6/24/2016 6:12:13 AM
I miss Is Anyone Up?
anonymous   posted 6/24/2016 5:29:27 PM
oh the name was spelled wrong? thats what made you think its not him? not the entire rest of the comment, just his name?
anonymous   posted 6/26/2016 4:28:40 PM
Brendan Dodge here. If that car did the job right, I wouldn't around to leave these comments all day. But, worry not, when I'm not busy on this forum, I'm dumping more revolting spawn into the world with my beautiful, angelic, ape-faced wife.
anonymous   posted 6/27/2016 2:03:11 PM
Britany Pederson here the anonymous haters are making me binge eat
anonymous   posted 6/27/2016 6:04:18 PM
Samm Aversa here still looking like nothing but air travels through my skull
anonymous   posted 7/20/2016 7:14:30 PM
Anyone find that missing airplane or nah?
anonymous   posted 8/17/2016 4:17:34 PM
Jeremy Roger still here taking a break from beating my gf.
anonymous   posted 9/23/2016 4:59:03 AM
This band sucks!worst riffs ever,lyrics from the first to the last song talks about the same ripper. Hate bands like this todays hc bands are not about w they livedon the streets now its about how u dreerd,ur long beard,tattoo's, ur buddy's they lived w mom and dad now they badass guys. f*ck that shit!
anonymous   posted 266 days ago
Jesse Alonzo here to remind everyone that I'm still writing Sean Hannity's teleprompter for "Hannity."