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Matriarchs 'Narrows' video premiere

Los Angeles metallic hardcore act Matriarchs unveil a new music video.


If you like methodic and unrelenting hardcore with a metallic edge to it, you might want to check out Los Angeles, CA band Matriarchs. Featuring ex-members of groups like Hoods and Ruckus, the relatively new act released their debut EP, titled Scandalous Jointz, this past fall.

Today we're exclusively premiering Matriarchs' new music video for "Narrows," a track from the EP. Check it out below, and if you dig it, stream the entire record via Bandcamp and keep up with Matriarchs on Facebook.

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anonymous 6/3/2016 2:32:05 PM

http://merchnow.com/catalo gs/matriarchs

anonymous 6/3/2016 3:14:02 PM

dude on the right. is that a glass eye?

anonymous 6/3/2016 3:32:20 PM

Wet backs are stoked.

anonymous 6/3/2016 4:12:37 PM

About as boring as I would expect a project with members from those two shitty bands in it.

anonymous 6/3/2016 5:18:18 PM

new snapchat filter for thots.

anonymous 6/3/2016 8:06:57 PM

a 'BLEGH' at the end before a mind crushing breakdown saves this snooze fest. fast-forward backed. 'Deathcore' Jon

anonymous 6/4/2016 6:49:50 AM


anonymous 6/4/2016 6:50:48 AM


anonymous 6/4/2016 2:43:27 PM

keep gangster bullshit out of hardcore.

anonymous 6/4/2016 3:28:17 PM

A band with 5 guys is called Matriarchs? f*cking morons.

anonymous 6/4/2016 7:26:10 PM

LA based hardcore band ? Yet the members come from a northern ca band? LA Is different from Sacramento people.

anonymous 6/7/2016 1:16:12 PM

"A band with 5 guys is called Matriarchs? f*cking morons." When I saw the link to this, my first thought was "Wow an all-girl hardcore band with hot LA hardcore birds" When I clicked the link... not so much.