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Wicked World 'WATCHYOUSLEEP' video premiere

Hardcore/death metal act Wicked World debut a new song and video.

Wed, May 25, 2016 2:01 PM PT10,122 views

Wicked World

Have you checked out Wicked World yet? Hailing from Whitewater, Wisconsin, they spew forth a merciless amalgam of death metal, hardcore, and nu-metal. Any way you slice it, they're heavy. The band's new EP, titled Witch Hunt, will be available on June 24 through Innerstrength Records. You can pre-order the record here.

Today we're pleased to exclusively unveil a music video for the first new track from the aforementioned EP. The song "WATCHYOUSLEEP" features John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos and its video can be viewed below. If you're into it, be sure to keep up with Wicked World through Facebook.

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anonymous 5/25/2016 2:19:48 PM

Rachel Blackman

anonymous 5/25/2016 2:21:44 PM

f*ck. Alex is so ugly. I wish a ghost would have killed him

anonymous 5/25/2016 2:28:58 PM

Doesn't this band know Jesus Piece is at the forefront of death metal hardcore fusion? What total rip offs

anonymous 5/25/2016 2:42:17 PM

So f*cking sick. Hardest band to come out of Wisconsin.

anonymous 5/25/2016 2:43:21 PM

This song makes me want to fight my own mother.

anonymous 5/25/2016 3:12:01 PM

I'm scared for Grace Lincicome.

anonymous 5/25/2016 5:58:52 PM

This is king 810 with slightly less shitty music f*ck both of those bands

anonymous 5/25/2016 7:32:12 PM

This sounds like King 810 and Left Behind had a retarded ass baby. Throw in a dash of TLTSOL and you have this clusterf*ck of shit riffs and a vocalist who can't decide what he wants to do. Garbage. Next.

anonymous 5/25/2016 8:40:13 PM

Michael Sokolowski is so cute =)

anonymous 5/25/2016 9:10:21 PM

Heard their guitarist is a f*cking limpdick f*ck up.

anonymous 5/26/2016 4:07:48 AM

This shit sounds like wannabe Disturbed LMAOOOO

anonymous 5/26/2016 7:11:27 AM

I miss the days when Alex was getting the shit beat out of him by the father of a minor he was f*cking. How much did nachos dude get paid to scream four words? Even with all the spice and flavor of that one line, there's no dressing up this shit cake.

anonymous 5/26/2016 7:33:35 AM

sounds like a 2-year old trying to cover thelasttensecondsoflife - god awful any way you look at it

anonymous 5/26/2016 8:11:01 AM

They should tour with Yuth Forever on the "Worst Band Names Ever" tour

anonymous 5/26/2016 9:57:06 AM

All of you Lambgoat cowards have shown up one again with some mean mean words straight outta your mother's basements. Meanwhile the only bands you ever played in were called "Hot Dog f*ck Machine" and you never released a demo or played a show. CHICKEN NOODLE. HEARTY VEGETABLE. DUMPLING. I GOT EVERY SOUP AND A BILLION DOLLARS. f*ck YOU COWARDS. Good video, Wicked World!

anonymous 5/26/2016 11:04:24 AM

^ "Hot Dog f*ck Machine" - still better than Wicked World..Yuth Forever approves this comment

anonymous 5/26/2016 5:48:31 PM

This band is so bad. They write bad songs and give terrible live performances. I guess complaining all the time can actually get you somewhere?

anonymous 5/26/2016 5:56:55 PM

Sworn In goes hard now holy moly

anonymous 5/26/2016 6:39:12 PM

At least the drummer is hot

anonymous 5/26/2016 7:11:14 PM

great... another shitty band gets a shitty guest spot from weekend nachos...

anonymous 5/26/2016 7:11:35 PM

I'd f*** Breanna Frankenberg on Josh's drumset!

anonymous 5/26/2016 7:28:27 PM

(13 + 18 + 13 + 14 + 13 + 16 + 14 + 21 + 13) ÷ 9 = 15

anonymous 5/26/2016 7:33:04 PM

Ur vocalist sounds like a mix of deepthroat and a buzzer while simultaneously acting like a stroke victim

anonymous 5/26/2016 7:35:16 PM

Wisconsin eh? Leave the music for the talented states, I suggest you spend your time on a treadmill

anonymous 5/26/2016 7:39:16 PM

Ahh, the sweet hymns of a pedophile. The most soothing sound to ever be heard by man

anonymous 5/26/2016 7:51:49 PM

heard the drummer has a very small dick that leads to unsatisfactory sex

anonymous 5/26/2016 9:39:04 PM

Love how all the people commenting on here are people who know the band personally. Here's an idea, you could just comment and support instead of making some dumb joke for a laugh. Most of you would die to be in a band and the rest just care about band shirts. So stupid to waste your time and shit talk people you are probably friends with, even for a joke. Congrats

anonymous 5/26/2016 9:40:20 PM

This is tight, very excited for the rest of the ep.

anonymous 5/26/2016 9:51:54 PM

This band is really good live, I don't know what people are talking about. Also their guitarist writes the gnarliest riffs, and they are all the nicest dudes. I see them at local shows all the time, certainly aren't full of them selves like people say.

anonymous 5/26/2016 10:10:32 PM

lol garbage

anonymous 5/26/2016 11:47:46 PM

Awful lot of false stuff and unwarranted shit being slung by Internet morons. Good job guys.

anonymous 5/27/2016 2:14:49 PM

This band rules. f*ck anyone that says otherwise Also if you make false allegations toward a band then you're literally scum of the f*cking Earth

rick____tocchet 5/27/2016 4:55:41 PM

I was embarrassed for the band after watching 47 seconds of that. Jesus.

anonymous 5/27/2016 6:24:39 PM

This sounds like a shitty King 810 rip off.

anonymous 5/27/2016 6:30:57 PM

This bands sounds NOTHING like King 810. Y'all f*ckin stupid

anonymous 5/28/2016 2:53:30 PM

Who the f*ck actually listens to this shit? This is awful

anonymous 5/28/2016 2:54:38 PM

And it does kinda sound like King 810. Embarrassingly enough.

anonymous 5/28/2016 5:23:13 PM

Could be on board with the music if the vocals weren't the cheesiest f*cking thing I've heard in a while. Sweet video, by the way, would be on loop at Hot Topic 10 years ago before they gave up and made all their money selling funko pops.

anonymous 5/29/2016 7:52:37 PM

It's like he decided "Ya know what? I'm gonna write something so sinister omg, people are gonna know how dark I am inside" and what's with the faces? Just f*cking stop now.

anonymous 5/29/2016 10:44:00 PM

what's this about the vocalist being a pedophile?

anonymous 5/30/2016 1:12:34 AM

Good dude, he isn't one. Just a weird situation from some dumb girl.

anonymous 5/30/2016 8:03:44 AM

^ Yeah, but isn't it ALWAYS some "weird situation from some dumb girl?" Doesn't take rocket science to find out her age before you start f*cking around.

anonymous 6/9/2016 1:21:28 PM

^No, lol. You shouldn't have to do a background check to figure out how old a girl is. Ask them, they tell you. That's how it should be. I understand that people lie, but I also know that some people are more trusting than others.

anonymous 7/16/2016 9:30:40 PM

Sweet dreams.

anonymous 9/24/2017 11:09:14 PM