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The Casualties "Running Through The Night" song premiere

NYC street punks The Casualties debut a track from their forthcoming album.

The Casualties

Roughly 25 years since their formation, New York City hardcore punk veterans The Casualties are set to release a new album. Appropriately dubbed Chaos Sound, the new outing features fifteen tracks of explosive street punk that will hit stores on January 22 through Season of Mist. If you've enjoyed The Casualties in the past, Chaos Sound will surely satisfy your appetite for raw, fervent punk inspired by genre pioneers like GBH and The Exploited. Raging guitars, shredded vocals, and melodic fury anchor the band's tenth studio album.

Today we're thrilled to unveil a track from the album titled "Running Through The Night." Check it out below, and pre-order Chaos Sound via Season of Mist here. What are you waiting for, punk?


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anonymous 11/19/2015 8:53:41 AM


anonymous 11/19/2015 10:15:23 AM

rapists are stoked

anonymous 11/19/2015 10:16:13 AM

Not a bad song

anonymous 11/19/2015 11:09:39 AM

Hurr Durr j0rge iz a r4pist. I wuz th3re so i knuw 4 sure.

anonymous 11/19/2015 12:04:01 PM

Stop it Dad your band isn't cool anymore gawwwwwl!

anonymous 11/19/2015 12:11:59 PM

The beat accusation was proven 100% false FYI to the beat comments. I'm not particularly a fan of the band either but let's not slander a dude for something that was proven to be false.

anonymous 11/19/2015 5:40:32 PM

"Duuhhhh jorge is a r4pist" who the f*ck writes like this??haven't seen that shit since high school. You're so f*cken stupid, if you witnessed beat and you didn't do anything about it?? You're just as bad as the so a claimed rapist. Anyways this song sounds pretty awesome! Sounds like they're trying to go back to their old roots! Can't wait to purchase this album. Up the punx!

anonymous 11/19/2015 6:41:06 PM

Hey, dumb ass above me - it's called sarcasm.

308 11/20/2015 3:54:02 AM

Rapist or not, the guy is a worthless shit bag.

anonymous 11/20/2015 6:58:25 AM

I remember seeing these dudes when I was a young impressionable punk kid and thinking..."man, what a bunch of posers". Good to see nothing has changed in 15 years.

anonymous 11/20/2015 7:43:47 AM

http://www.undertherockies .com/features/the-case-of- beth-gorley-an-interview-a bout-the-casualties-and-se xual-abuse

anonymous 11/20/2015 10:47:51 AM

f*cking awesome!!!!

anonymous 11/20/2015 11:10:10 AM

no means no

anonymous 11/20/2015 11:31:09 AM

Just great! Nice song, nice people!

anonymous 11/20/2015 12:13:20 PM

to anyone still going on about this false accusation... i hope you get accused of the same, f*ck YOU! GREAT SONG!

anonymous 11/20/2015 11:51:00 PM

at least James Brown put out good music before raping people

anonymous 11/21/2015 5:24:48 AM

Jorge is the best man . He was that voice that makes the 2 hole thing sound super Street punk awesome. The whole band is amazing hope to see them soon in Maryland

fourthgradecocktease 11/21/2015 8:35:27 AM

never thought I'd be the guy to say this but cut your fvcking hair

anonymous 11/21/2015 7:49:02 PM

f*ck all of you with your rapist shit. It's old and boring. Get over it.

thetowerofrome 11/21/2015 8:36:14 PM

meh it's alright. just kinda boring. the older i get the more straight forward structured punk becomes boring.

buzzsaw 11/22/2015 7:37:04 PM


anonymous 11/23/2015 6:36:06 AM

I feel like I just got beatd in the earhole.

anonymous 12/18/2015 7:50:03 AM

Sounds great, nothing wrong with straight forward in your face punk rock. I would say see you in the pit but all you shit talking mother f*ckers don't have the balls for that.

anonymous 2/6/2016 12:00:01 AM

booo hsssss booo...here come the tomatoes...