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Yuppicide "Spread the Infection" song premiere

NYHC act Yuppicide debut a song from their first new full-length in 20 years.


New York City hardcore punks Yuppicide will soon release their first new full-length since 1995. Titled Revenge Regret Repeat, the outing will hit streets on December 4 via Dead City Records. Today, we're pleased to exclusively stream the record's opening track, "Spread the Infection."

Guitarist Steve Karp has this to say about the song:

"Musically, this song is my love letter to all the great punk rock and hardcore punk bands that got me amped on this music as a teenager. I wanted it to be melodic but crunchy, catchy but burly; have sing-a-longs and some stomp parts that make ya want to stage dive on your buddies' heads.

"Lyrically, we're drawing a parallel between all the garbage the one party political system spews out there come an election cycle and those drugs that turn people into zombies. All their 'distract and divide' tactics - they use a complicit corporate media to bombard people with rot out the brain in the same manner that those voodoo potions and curses and drugs cooked up in top secret government labs rot out the brains of humans, turning them into drooling, shambling husks of undead flesh."

You can stream "Spread the Infection" below and pre-order Revenge Regret Repeat here. Enjoy!

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anonymous 11/17/2015 2:29:00 PM

thanx for showing up again. looking forward to the release of the whole thing!! freu :)

anonymous 11/17/2015 3:30:01 PM

This song is great. Great band! Looking forward to the whole album!

anonymous 11/18/2015 1:14:37 PM

Very Cool Song!

anonymous 11/18/2015 5:50:37 PM

Like c-cksparrer playing hardcore. Good Stuff. Thanks for posting.

anonymous 11/18/2015 7:45:20 PM

I remember this band from years ago. I always dug the early stuff. This sounds very close to that. Glad to see they are still playing punk rock. I like the artwork also, but if I remember they always had decent art. The singer sounds English but they are from NYC. From someone who has not heard anything by them in a long time, I think this is pretty good. Love the new album title also.

anonymous 11/19/2015 7:43:19 AM

Holy Shit.....has it been 20 years...I am getting old.... Cool video.

anonymous 11/20/2015 7:36:00 AM

Always like this band. Great song.

anonymous 11/20/2015 7:43:58 AM

Go here for more info on the band. www.deadcityrecords.com

anonymous 11/20/2015 3:40:04 PM

I love this band. Nice song. European tour coming. I am psyched.

anonymous 12/2/2015 2:37:23 PM

ladies&gentlemen, boys&girls, friends - almost 2 days to go...