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ILSA 'The Felon's Claw' album stream

Washington DC occult doom/crust act ILSA stream their fourth full-length album.

ILSA band

Washington DC area band ILSA is set to release a brand new full-length. If you've never listened to them before, genres mentioned in descriptions typically include metal, doom, punk, and crust. Noisey recently described them as a "Celtic Frost-meets-doom steamroller," which seems about right.

Recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Ringworm, Chokehold), ILSA's new album, The Felon's Claw, will officially hit streets tomorrow (digital) and on June 6 (vinyl) via reliable Baltimore record label, A389 Recordings. However, you can stream the whole right now below. Check it out, and order the album online here.

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anonymous 4/27/2015 7:27:28 PM

Better than 99% of the other garbage a. Posted on this site B. Stuff people on the mb go nuts for