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Gift Giver "Trendkill" video premiere

Michigan bruisers Gift Giver unveil their new music video for "Trendkill."

Gift Giver

Most of our readers like heavy music. Well, we assume as much. If you haven't yet checked out Gift Giver, they should certainly meet, if not surpass, your requirements for "heavy." The Detroit, Michigan band signed with Century Media Records over the winter and their full-length debut, titled Shitlife, is slated for an April 21 release. Metal, nu metal, hardcore, whichever you prefer, Gift Giver is worth a spin.

Today, we're exclusively premiering Gift Giver's brand new video for "Trendkill," a track from the new LP. Check out the video below, and if you dig it, be sure to pre-order the new album. And don't forget to keep up with Gift Giver on Facebook.


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anonymous 4/16/2015 8:26:24 AM

attila fans are stoked

anonymous 4/16/2015 8:52:39 AM

This shit is f*cking sickkkkkkkkk and nothing like Attila you are an idiot.

anonymous 4/16/2015 8:59:14 AM

Eric Snapper likes little boys.

anonymous 4/16/2015 9:08:56 AM

Attila fans..? like bling bling, shiny leather, cocaine fiend, hunter moore wannabe's? you mean try-hard, thinks-he's-cool, tough guy, hardcore kids are stoked. lol at least get it right. that's two totally different groups of douchebags! ahaha

anonymous 4/16/2015 9:26:48 AM

this is dopeeeeeeee

anonymous 4/16/2015 9:47:04 AM

Well, more edgy, wannabe tough-guy nu-metalcore...

anonymous 4/16/2015 9:48:42 AM

Can't wait for this trend to die

anonymous 4/16/2015 9:49:45 AM

Pretty sure they wrote this song about themselves, since this is trendy horse shit

anonymous 4/16/2015 9:52:40 AM

This is exactly the same as their last video. Love footage shots and look at me in so cool smoking weed and drinkin clips, I'm sure the highschool demographic is stoked.

anonymous 4/16/2015 9:56:58 AM

Emmure is stoked

anonymous 4/16/2015 9:59:49 AM

I like the matching outfits. Boyz-2-men would be proud. This is awful.

anonymous 4/16/2015 10:10:30 AM

What a bunch of f*cking gays. Die.

anonymous 4/16/2015 10:11:24 AM

These guys f*cking rule. People are f*cking morons. Although, the "emmure is stoked" comment is funny as f*ck, and true. Lol

anonymous 4/16/2015 10:21:56 AM

All you old motherf*ckers are hating on this shit only because it's new and trend kill is directed to you f*ckers and this website

anonymous 4/16/2015 10:31:41 AM


anonymous 4/16/2015 10:31:56 AM

Less than a minute in and he's already repeating himself this is like a leftover throw down/bury your dead 2005/06 song

sandpaperseatbelts 4/16/2015 10:34:37 AM

gave this song a chance but its plain generic hardcore/wannabe metal ... Shit. You're not Pantera bro and those shitty high school riffs ain't impressing anybody.

anonymous 4/16/2015 10:34:52 AM

It's new? Bands have been pumping out this kind of shit for over a decade and it sucked then too. Trends are all recycled anyway, so don't pretend like it's something that is fresh and hasn't been done. You'll grow up one day.

anonymous 4/16/2015 11:22:27 AM

a trendy band making a trendy video for a trendy song about how trends are lame hahaha this got played out so fast

anonymous 4/16/2015 12:47:59 PM

Bury Your Dead riff royalties.

anonymous 4/16/2015 1:30:47 PM

Did Justin Johnson write this about himself? Because he literally describes himself in the lyrics. This band sucks and Justin also got slapped by a 17 year old.

anonymous 4/16/2015 2:00:11 PM

Siren The Escape > Gift Giver. Justin go back to making good music.

anonymous 4/16/2015 2:21:10 PM

Dalton McGraw is stoked that his chin is so big and still can't touch this fire. Slap another grown man fa*got and get put out for good.

anonymous 4/16/2015 4:59:59 PM

A "gift giver", by definition, is a guy with AIDS giving a gift (AIDS) to people who seek out the AIDS virus (bug chasers).

anonymous 4/16/2015 6:11:04 PM

Justin Johnson just commented on his own band release anonymously hahaha

anonymous 4/16/2015 6:38:42 PM

For fans of gift giver check out this music video my band just dropped https://m.youtube.com/watc h?v=Kedl9tOO3b4

anonymous 4/16/2015 6:44:54 PM

If you don't like it don't f*ck w/ it. Love to you Justin and the rest of GG. You motherf*ckers gotta stop shitting on othera for doin their thing.

anonymous 4/16/2015 6:45:40 PM

If you don't like it don't f*ck w/ it. Love to you Justin and the rest of GG. You motherf*ckers gotta stop shitting on others for doin their thing.

anonymous 4/16/2015 8:37:13 PM

why are people comparing this band to bury your dead? I played a show with these guys at a place with a shitty soundsystem. nice kids but a bunch of talentless wiggers.

anonymous 4/16/2015 8:45:18 PM

"Oh man, my life sucks, Costco sucks, I hate selling phones. I have a shitlife. Everybody else is fake."

anonymous 4/16/2015 9:43:00 PM


anonymous 4/16/2015 9:46:20 PM

I'm a Attila fan and I am stoked, I like a lot of bands and new releases allways are a treat.

anonymous 4/17/2015 2:56:21 AM

This tough guy shit is hilarious, everyone in this band is a pssy and whined on facebook about old metal frat alums making fun of them. Praying for a van flip in their future.

anonymous 4/17/2015 5:32:54 AM

Hell yeah Gift Giver

anonymous 4/17/2015 5:56:20 AM

Hilarious that these guys are making a song a about trendy, gimmicky people, and yet this is the epitome of trendy gimmicky pseudo tough angery nu-metal. "You're all the same from your hair to your shoes!" ...as they all wear literally the same shirt and have the exact same stage presence. How many times can you end a rhyme scheme with "shit" Damn this ruined my morning.

anonymous 4/17/2015 7:35:08 AM

Someone should tell these dudes ..it doesn't pay to suck Francis Palmeri's dck ...ask Cold Soul Shay ..

anonymous 4/17/2015 7:40:09 AM

This should be called "I have a small penis and I'm overcompensating"core. Also, they're ones to talk about shitty tattoos....

anonymous 4/17/2015 8:46:57 AM

beer and weed is stoked.

anonymous 4/17/2015 8:49:10 AM

I can just picture all of these guys at a party, telling each other how tough they are and doing their wiggity shit while Eric Snapper sits awkwardly in the corner, checking out boys.

anonymous 4/17/2015 9:58:36 AM

this is f*cking awful. dalton mcgraw rules. mountain dew for life.

anonymous 4/17/2015 10:53:09 AM

Stopping by to say Chris f*cking hated you, Justin.

thetowerofrome 4/17/2015 11:28:31 AM


anonymous 4/17/2015 1:02:07 PM

This band needs to kill themselves. This is total garbage.

anonymous 4/18/2015 9:41:12 AM

DETROIT? Lol more like Lansing. Try hard wiggers.

brassknuckleromance 4/19/2015 6:50:52 AM

Cold as Life is laughing supes hard. sounds like an emmure clone at best. sure it's heavy and its "nu-hardcore" but its not good. I hope BYD sues for riff infringement. again, not good.

anonymous 4/20/2015 12:46:19 PM

Why does this band exist? Also: if there is a reason for it's existence what are they saying/doing. I really don't get this. I actually saw them live and I didn't get it then either =/

anonymous 4/21/2015 12:54:51 PM

Terrible music for terrible fans. Sounds like recycled KoRN riffs. f*cking dumb

anonymous 5/4/2015 8:00:59 PM

The next time you click on a bands video premiere to troll them, f*ck yourself. If you sleepin on Gift Giver i feel bad for you. Cant even say this type of music is a trend if there arent any bands like them