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Bullet Treatment "Insomnia" song premiere (featuring Comeback Kid members)

Listen to a song from the new Bullet Treatment EP featuring current and former Comeback Kid vocalists Andrew Neufeld and Scott Wade.

Today we're bringing you an exclusive track from Bullet Treatment's upcoming EP, "Designated Vol. 2." The song is titled "Insomnia" and features vocals by current Comeback Kid vocalist, Andrew Neufeld, as well as original vocalist, Scott Wade. It's the first time the two vocalists have recorded together since Comeback Kid's "Wake The Dead" (2005) release. Check it out:

Bullet Treatment is an LA-based punk rock project created by Chuck Dietrich. The band's secret recipe is a revolving door of members on every release, which has boasted Tim McIlrath from Rise Against, Dave Hildago from Social Distortion, Matt Caughthran from The Bronx, among many others.

"Designated Vol. 2" is set for release on May 15th and is now available for pre-order through Think Fast! Records. The release is limited to 500 physical copies on colored vinyl and comes with a digital download coupon. The track listing and vocalists are as follows:

1. Insomnia (Andrew and Scott from Comeback Kid)
2. Young Bodies - Slut Church (Jordan from Vultures United)
3. Rally Cry (Ryan and Billy from Outbreak)
4. God's Plan (Matt from The Bronx)

5. Confessions Of A Hopeless Romantic (Liam from Cancer Bats)
6. Vox Populi, Vox Dei (Nuno from A Wilhelm Scream)


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sounds like i recorded it on my Audacity program

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Kinda cool

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kicks ass!