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Today Is The Day 'Animal Mother' album stream

Lambgoat streams Animal Mother, the tenth LP from noise cult Today Is The Day.

Today Is The Day

Today Is The Day and band mastermind Steve Austin have been making noise (beautiful noise, mind you) since 1992. They've put out a slew of releases over the years, including several records with iconic labels Amphetamine Reptile and Relapse. Allmusic called their 'Supernova' release a "landmark recording." For the few of you that haven't heard TITD at some point, you've most certainly heard something just one step away. Do you like Converge? Austin produced their 'When Forever Comes Crashing' album. How about Lamb Of God? Austin produced 'New American Gospel'. What about that obscure band Mastodon? Well, Mastodon's rhythm section was once Today Is The Day's rhythm section.

Alright, I'm sure you get it. Austin is a lifer, and Today Is The Day has been a faithful component of our little scene for two decades. And on October 14th, the band will release its tenth full-length album, Animal Mother, through Southern Lord. Whether you call TITD noisecore, noise rock, noisegrind, post progressive rock, or metal, there's sure to be something on the album that appeals to you. Even better, you can find out right now, because we're streaming the whole thing below.

While Austin and company serenade you, pre-order the album through Southern Lord. And if you want to catch Today Is The Day live, they'll be on tour for the next several weeks.


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anonymous 10/10/2014 12:15:32 PM

Me likey! Better sound than last album. Not as muddled?

anonymous 10/10/2014 8:25:57 PM

Bloodwood is amazing... Great album. Looking forward to November.

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