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Liberteer 'Better To Die on Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees' album stream

Stream the new Liberteer full-length, Better To Die on Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees, in its entirety.

Liberteer (check them out on Facebook) will be releasing a new album tomorrow (January 31st) titled "Better To Die on Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees" via Relapse Records.

Founded by Matthew Widener (Cretin, Citizen), the band melds grindcore with string and horn passages, creating what Relapse aptly terms "a blasting war march that espouses nothing less than total anarchy."

Sounds cool, right? Decide for yourself as Relapse has given us the green light to stream the entire album for your listening pleasure.

If you like what you hear, head on over to the Relapse store and buy it.


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carveyournamein 1/30/2012 5:06:09 PM


Snoopy2 2/1/2012 11:22:10 AM

f*cking terrible. Will not buy even if the avoidance of apocalypse depends on it

anonymous 2/2/2012 11:50:22 PM

This is amazing!!!

anonymous 7/29/2020 1:38:21 PM

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