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Death Of An Era "Big Brother" song premiere

Ohio metallers Death Of An Era debut a track from their full-length debut.

Death Of An Era

Columbus, Ohio outfit Death Of An Era will release their debut full-length this summer. Titled Black Bagged, the outing was produced by Kevin Lankford (This Or The Apocalypse, The Crimson Armada) and will hit stores on June 23 via Artery Recordings.

Formed in 2013, the band describes themselves as "bringing a refined sound to the death metal world by delivering a blend of unique technical guitar work with a pile driving hardcore barrage."

If you like the sound of that, today we've got an exclusive premiere of a track from the album titled "Big Brother." You can watch its lyric video below. If you dig it, we advise you to pre-order the album here. Check out Death Of An Era on Facebook too.


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anonymous 5/13/2014 12:40:01 PM

Been done.

anonymous 5/13/2014 2:58:41 PM

insurmountably boring.

anonymous 5/13/2014 3:23:12 PM

amazing song cant wait to hear more

anonymous 5/13/2014 5:36:14 PM

can they even play this, probably not?

anonymous 5/13/2014 5:39:06 PM

God awful lyrics. Overproduced music. Garbage

steve_buscemis_eyes 5/13/2014 6:21:40 PM

lol that dude in the jean jacket with the tooth-pick arms is mean mugging pretty hard. he looks like cameron frye from Ferris Bueller's Day Off after he wrecked his dads car

anonymous 5/14/2014 10:29:39 AM

This is the worst thing I have seen and heard all year! It's pure garbage! The song sounds like it was written by 8th graders. Is that really the guitar tone they wanted to record. Must have spend like a grand on the whole album. They must be letting the producer write for them, and they made this shit up as they went along!

anonymous 5/14/2014 12:38:14 PM

I live in columbus and this is the first time hearing of them. I want more Bright City...

anonymous 5/14/2014 12:42:28 PM

GUUUYYYYYYYssss stOp BeiNg seH meANn

anonymous 5/14/2014 2:17:42 PM

This is seriously so shitty I can't even justify insulting it in a critique. Eat shit and die.

anonymous 8/22/2015 11:54:21 PM

i thought this song was amazing. Cant wait to hear more. i loved the guitars in the song!!!!