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Agnostic Front exclusive - "My Life My Way"

2/15/2011 9:10:25 AM PT   comments [28]

As you likely know, NYC hardcore/punk legends Agnostic Front will be releasing a new album next month. Titled 'My Life, My Way,' the effort will hit stores on March 22nd via Nuclear Blast Records. In the meantime, we're pleased to have the opportunity to exclusively debut the album's title track. Check it out, then pre-order the record.

anonymous   posted 2/15/2011 1:50:38 PM
not sure about those vocals...
anonymous   posted 2/15/2011 2:13:11 PM
at least somebody told him he sounded like a stupid gay so he took it easy
Mark_   posted 2/15/2011 3:32:35 PM
Sounds good! Bunch of haters over here never listened to anything punk before.
TED CRANE_   posted 2/15/2011 6:02:16 PM
anonymous   posted 2/16/2011 2:04:47 PM
fck yea you guys have been one of my favorite bands for over 20 years and will remain so till I take my boots off in valhalla. Vahlknotwarrior
anonymous   posted 2/16/2011 2:11:52 PM
my favorite H.C. band "No Fear" RulZzz
george von steene _   posted 2/16/2011 3:54:38 PM
AF ! great as always
jebus_   posted 2/16/2011 4:44:30 PM
I don't care about how pioneering or what they did for hardcore, this guy has the absolute worst vocals of any band ever in any genre of music. Sound like a cross between a retarded dog yelping incessantly about herpes and a deaf man trying to enunciate fart noises that he has never heard.
chad_   posted 2/16/2011 8:37:43 PM
whoever thinks his vocals suck can go suck a big dck you fcktard !!!
gUNIT_   posted 2/16/2011 11:28:39 PM
G-UNIT_   posted 2/16/2011 11:33:38 PM
this better be the albums shitty attempt at a radio single. better live up to the nyhc supremacy of 'warriors'. dude does have a point with roger's vocals sounding like a retard with tourette's though. but, nyhc is not about clean vocals, it's about being a dirty scumbag from 1 of the 5 burroughs.
jebus_   posted 2/17/2011 12:00:03 AM
fight me at a Hansen show chad, dckbitch. yowl, yelp yeee yo aye oh yee yo yoelp, thats all I hear from this guy. maybe chad is used to getting buttfcked from bull c-cks and likes the noises he makes while engaging in said activity mixing with the cries of the bull as he takes your innocence. mmmmmmm bob, shoobe doo ah dooo mmmbop, mmmkay?
jebus_   posted 2/17/2011 12:03:47 AM
oh I'm sorry chad, I just noticed your "iraqvet" stupid fcking email address, thanks for "defending my freedom" to call you a bull c-ck loving dckbitch who likes to listen to guys and bulls yelping at each other. why don't you go shoot your gun and beg for change at the freeway offramp. HAHAHA LOLOLOLOLOL...oooooo, look at me I'm a vet, no one gives a fck, kill yourself, die you fcking scumbag bull c-ck lover.....hahahahah LOLOLOLOLOL
martino_   posted 2/17/2011 8:32:24 AM
personally, i wish "chad" would find "jebus" and rip his head off
Stefan_   posted 2/17/2011 1:05:38 PM
yeah great stuff,first at january the disasters second at march a f is back! wonderfull music summer 2011!!! schweinfur t& wff i run to you
bkr_   posted 2/17/2011 1:53:07 PM
musically its pretty much good ole AF, vocally, you can tell mr miret is getting older...not bad, and glad to see them still making music..hope the rest of the record (if there are any other songs..or the upcoming full length) are better..not bad, just not what I expected..either way its still decent.
Tom_   posted 2/17/2011 2:53:15 PM
duplantis_   posted 2/17/2011 6:04:34 PM
probably one of the worst vocalists of our times, this band needs a major frontman flip. Intensive Care Units will be stoked as well as NYC morticians.
robert_   posted 2/17/2011 6:30:10 PM
think a.f. soundin good and rogers vocals compliment the sound a bit shit 2 say after 20 odd years he is not the frontman they should have bruce dckinson wouldnt sound right here and they kicked arse live at rebellion blackpool last aug bring it on still fckin xciting
munky_   posted 2/18/2011 9:41:55 AM
is agnostic front the ultimate unicorn and sissy band now? song kinda proves that.
lee_   posted 2/18/2011 10:10:09 AM
I wonder if all these retards slaggin off the vocals are stupid poser spinkick windmill "toughguy" jerk, "hardcore wannabe" kids? Probably dont like or never heard of most oldschool bands. fck off posers.
Matt_   posted 2/18/2011 8:20:17 PM
his vocals kind of do suck. i mean, but again i haven't listened to them since the One Voice album so i am not sure how he has sounded for the last 20 years this could be okay. Liberty & Justice For... is still the best!!
christian schugens_   posted 2/21/2011 4:00:44 PM
yeah!!!! sounds fcking great. agnostic front is back. see you guys on tour.
cock_block_   posted 2/22/2011 7:04:49 PM
saw these bros in the early 90's with snapcase. sucked then. suck now.
p(e)nis_   posted 2/24/2011 12:28:11 AM
terrible fcking band then, terrible fcking band now, terrible fcking forever. *masterbates with legs in the air*
Ik0wWutsc00l_   posted 2/24/2011 2:04:14 AM
horrible, godawful shit fcking vocals.
Siegena_   posted 2/27/2011 2:59:37 AM
Great song, great vocals. Thumbs up from germany!!!!
schuggerhc_   posted 3/9/2011 8:24:08 PM
I`ll repeat this agnostic front is back, hardcore is back, unity is back. fck your kickbacks, fck your kung fu style, fck your tough guy image . thats not welcome. see you in the pit. hardcore for life!!!!!!!! PS. think about this we are all the same, we are one scene. oldschool, new school, straight edge we are all the same and no one is better, not you, not me. if you don`t understand this fck you!!!!