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23 AI-Generated Old School Death Metal Bands That Don't Actually Exist


Well, we've done it again. Lambgoat, the trailblazers of extreme music journalism, has teamed up with an AI algorithm to create 23 death metal bands that do not exist - because, you know, we don't have enough bands in the world already.

The AI was given data on popular old-school death metal bands, and the results were...well, something else. We got a mix of traditional OSDM themes of necrosis like Necrotic Depravity or Apocalyptic Necrot and more experimental concepts, like Ring Rats which seems to be some sort of traveling death metal wrestling troupe. We can dig it.

While these AI-generated death metal bands may look impressive, it's important to remember that they aren't actually producing music yet. However, as this YouTube channel streaming nothing but AI-generated death metal 24 hours a day shows, it may not be long before they do. If we're being honest, the quality of the music being produced is not exactly groundbreaking. These songs are simply rehashes of existing death metal tracks that the AI was trained on. Of course, when it comes down to it, one could argue the same about some human musicians, but the point remains: The genre's true essence, for now, remains beyond the grasp of the machines.


AI-generated death metal may seem novel at first, but it quickly becomes clear that it has a long way to go before it can truly capture the raw energy and emotion that fans crave. Sure, there's a 24/7 YouTube channel dedicated to streaming AI-generated death metal, but can it really replace the thrill of a live death metal show? Probably not. In fact, the novelty of AI-generated music may wear off quickly if the machines fail to truly capture the essence of the genre. It's pretty obvious that the machines need to put in some serious practice before they can truly hold their own in the world of OSDM. For now, if you squint hard enough, they're doing a decent impression.

1. Necrotic Depravity

2. Blightspawned

3. Pestilent Defiler

4. Cult of the Void


5. Gruesome Asphyxiation

6. Apocalyptic Necrot

7. Noxious Phantasm

10 years later....


8. Voidserpent

9. Ring Rats

10. Fury of Thraan

11. Obsidian Oblivion


12. Grisly Graveyard

13. Defiled Necropolis

14. Desolation Earth

15. Cursed Legionnaire


16. Cadaveric Oath

17. Netherdoom

18. Desecration of Ancient Netherworlds

19. Rite of Ruin


20. Infestergloom

21. Putrefied Perdition

22. Necrostrong

23. Dunkelherz


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